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Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters Guilty Gear X Advance Edition Super Buster Bros. Operation Wolf

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Dragon Power Choumahou Tairiku Wozz Policenauts Monster World IV

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    Had to update wrongful information.
  • Utilities
    Version 03 should finally fix the Kraid door glitch. It also adds a few extra quality of life options.
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    Fixed several broken event flags, a pair of game-breaking glitches, corrected a few status screen sprites, and added a new early-game trainer battle
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    Update to coinside with the latest update.
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NameGroup AscendingDocsUtilsTransHacksLanguage
Stanley_Decker and sloatYesNoNoNoYesEnglish
EAR CLOCK, cesarB, and HyllianYesNoYesNoNoEnglish
Free File Splitter.orgYesNoYesNoNoEnglish
Shenmue DojoYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Temple of Tales TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoRussian
Fei Gao Chinese TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoChinese
Shining Force 3 TranslationYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Matt's Messy RoomYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
ZAP Interface TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
ChibiSoft EntertainmentYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Abstract Crouton ProductionsYesNoYesYesNoEnglish
Stardust CrusadersYesNoNoYesYesEnglish
Adventurous TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Manuel RigueraYesNoNoYesNoSpanish
FuSoYa’s NicheYesNoYesYesYesEnglish