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TitleAlt TitlePubDateGenre AscendingPlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Alibaba and 40 ThievesSony1984ActionMSXNNYN
Arkanoid: Revenge of DohArkanoid II: Revenge of DohNidecom1988ActionMSXNNYN
Bomber Man SpecialHudson Soft1986ActionMSXNNYN
Bomber ManHoney Bee Soft1983ActionMSXNNYN
Super RunnerPony CanyonDec 1987ActionMSXNNYN
Top RollerToshiba1984ActionMSXNNYN
Ski CommandCasio1985ActionMSXNNYN
Break InJaleco1987ActionMSXNNYN
Woody PopSega15 Mar 1987ActionSMSNNYN
Woody PopSega1991ActionGGNNYN
Megumi RescueSega30 July 1988ActionSMSNNYN
Butamaru PantsPig MockHAL Laboratory1983ActionMSXNNYN
Chicago SyndicateSega1995ActionGGNNYN
Arcade ClassicsSega1996ActionGGNNYN
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