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    Update v1.2 with trade goods.
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    Correction to file.
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    Changing the "logo" (actually it's my profile picture) to a new one that was drawn by bebn legg from SMW Central. I just remembered that my community profile still had the old one.
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    I want to make it more apparent, without having to read the whole review, that there is a way to fix the glitches so that others don't review this patch based on a glitched version. To give the patch it's proper due.
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Title AscendingAlt TitlePubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Mario PartyNo Alternate TitleNintendo18 December 1998BoardgameN64NNYN
Mario Party 4No Alternate TitleNintendo21 October 2002BoardgameGCNNNY
Mario Party 5No Alternate TitleNintendo10 November 2003BoardgameGCNNNY
Mario Party 6No AlternateTitleNintendo18 November 2004BoardgameGCNNNY
Mario Party 7No AlternateTitleNintendo07 November 2005BoardgameGCNNNY
Mario Tennis: Power TourMario Power TennisCamelot Software Planning5 Dec 2005SportsGBANNNY
Mario's PicrossNo Alternate TitleNintendo14 March 1995PuzzleGBYNNY
Marusa no OnnaA Taxing WomanCapcom19 September 1989AdventureNESNNYN
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street FighterMarvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter EX EditionCapcom23 February 1999Action > FightingPSXNNNY
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (JP) (KO)Capcom18 Nov 2002Action > FightingPS2NNNY
Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no TakarajimaMarvelous: Another Treasure IslandNintendo26 October 1996Role PlayingSNESNNYN
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinNo Alternate TitleSony ImagesoftNovember 1994Action > PlatformerSNESNNYN
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru GaidenMashin Hero Wataru GaidenHudson23 March 1990Role Playing > Action RPGNESNNYN
Mashou no Yakata GoblinMansion of Devilishness - GoblinPony CanyonMay 1987ActionMSXNNYN
Master of DarknessNo Alternate TitleSega1992Action > PlatformerSMSNNYN
Master of MonstersRenovation1991StrategyGENNNYN
Master of Monsters: Disciples of GaiaMaster of Monsters: Akatsuki no Kenja TatsuASCII Entertainment31 July 1997StrategyPSXNNNY
Masters of CombatNo Alternate TitleSega1993Action > FightingSMSNNYN
McDonald's Treasure Land AdventureNo Alternate TitleSega23 September 1993Action > PlatformerGENNNNY
Medarot RMedabots RImagineer Co., Ltd.25 Nov 1999Role PlayingPSXNNYN
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