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Brandish 2 English translation out now!

07 November 2009 5:08AM EST - Update by synchronicity

Translations News

Out now! One of the last untranslated SNES RPGs, but certainly not the least.

  • Original exploration experience – Wander through over 40 different areas in this 2D game that combines first person mechanics with an overhead viewpoint. The series trademark camera system combined with the AutoMap function makes even friendly towns and harbors exciting places to explore.
  • You’re nothing special – Your wits are the only thing that separate you from the corpses of failed mercenaries scattered about. Survivability is not dependent on your level or strength, but on your adaptability to see through constantly changing traps and enemies. Treasure and terror go hand in hand.
  • Brandish with care – Flexible dual-wielding system combined with a magic slot adds another layer to real-time combat strategy. Switch between ultimate offense or ultimate defense on the fly.
  • Natural character growth – Your statistics increase with every blow you deal and each casting of a spell. Because you get better at what you do by doing what you do, there is zero grinding involved.
  • NEW! Super Eurobeat Megaparty Launch Trailer (with 300% more explosions)
  • Download it now on our RHDN project page

Holy Umbrella - Dondera's Wild!!

03 November 2009 6:13AM EST - Update by Gideon Zhi

Translations News

Aeon Genesis has released a complete patchf for Holy Umbrella - Dondera’s Wild!! It’s a silly action/rpg platformer game! The main character gets transported to an alternate world when he picks up an umbrella, and he has to save it to get home. The game is full of all sorts of cliche plot elements and jokes. It’s a total camp overload, but it’s a still a lot of fun. Script’s been fully translated by the intrepid Hexafire, and has been edited by yours truly. So enjoy!

RHDN Project Page

New Nebelwurfer HQ project & Move

25 October 2009 5:35AM EST - Update by Nebelwurfer HQ

Translations News

Due to the Geocities shutdown, Nebelwurfer HQ is moving to a new location.

Also Nebelwurfer HQ has started a new translation project. This is Dreamcast Advanced Daisenryaku 2001, playable on NULL DC Emulator on a fast PC. There are some screenshots on my site showing some of the progress, but don’t look for a patch before next year.

bsnes v0.053 released

18 October 2009 6:47PM EST - Update by creaothceann

Utilities News

Copy and Paste:

This release greatly polishes the user interface, adds a new cheat code search utility, adds the snesfilter library, and adds Qt-based GUI support to both snesfilter and snesreader. snesfilter gains 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI and Super Eagle support, plus full configuration for both the NTSC and scanline filters; and snesreader gains support support for multi-file ROM archives (eg GoodMerge sets.)

Statically linking Qt to bsnes, snesfilter and snesreader would be too prohibitive size-wise (~10MB or so.) I have to link dynamically so that all three can share the same Qt runtime, which gets all of bsnes and its modules to ~1MB (including the debugger build); and Qt itself to about ~2.5MB.

However, there is some bad news. There’s a serious bug in MinGW 4.4+, where it is not generating profile-guided input files (*.gcno files.) There is also a serious bug in Qt 4.5.2/Windows when using dynamic linking: the library is hanging indefinitely, forcing me to manually terminate the process upon exit. This prevents the creation of profile-guided output files (*.gcda files.) It would be tough enough to work around one, but facing both of these issues at once is too much.

I’m afraid I have no choice but to disable profile-guided optimizations until these issues can be addressed. I did not know about these bugs until trying to build the official v053 release, so it’s too late to revert to an all-in-one binary now. And I’m simply not willing to stop releasing new builds because of bugs in third-party software. As soon as I can work around this, I’ll post a new optimized binary. In the mean time, despite the fact that this release is actually more optimized, please understand that the Windows binary will run approximately ~10% slower than previous releases. I recommend keeping v052 for now if you need the performance. Linux and OS X users are unaffected.


  • save RAM is initialized to 0xff again to work around Ken Griffey Jr Baseball issue
  • libco adds assembly-optimized targets for Win64 and PPC-ELF [the latter courtesy of Kernigh]
  • libco/x86 and libco/amd64 use pre-assembled blocks now, obviates need for custom compilation flags
  • added a new cheat code search utility to the tools menu
  • separated filters from main bsnes binary to libsnesfilter / snesfilter.dll
  • added 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI and Super Eagle filters [kode54]
  • added full configuration settings for NTSC and scanline filters (12+ new options)
  • further optimized HQ2x filter [blargg]
  • added Vsync support to the Mac OS X OpenGL driver
  • added folder creation button to custom file load dialog
  • fixed a few oddities with loading of “game folders” (see older news for an explanation on what this is)
  • updated to blargg’s file_extractor v1.0.0
  • added full support for multi-file archives (eg GoodMerge sets)
  • split multi-cart loading again (BS-X, Sufami Turbo, etc) as required for multi-file support
  • cleaned up handling of file placement detection for save files (.srm, .cht, etc)
  • file load dialog now remembers your previous folder path across runs even without a custom games folder assigned
  • windows now save their exact positioning and size across runs, they no longer forcibly center
  • menus now have radio button and check box icons where appropriate
  • debugger’s hex editor now has a working scrollbar widget
  • added resize splitter to settings and tools windows
  • worked around Qt style sheet bug where subclassed widgets were not properly applying style properties



Brandish 2 English translation nears completion

16 October 2009 9:36AM EST - Update by PLiberty

Translations News


In English. Available November 2009 by Synchronicity Productions.

Brandish 2 English Translation (Preview Trailer)

Ganbare Goemon 2 translated!

17 October 2009 8:20AM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News

Ganbare Goemon 2 is now completely translated. Certain strings were not found in-game. They were given numbers and if you find any, please let me know. Have some fun playing this awesome game this weekend!

Staff Note - You can also get the patch here at RHDN.

New Hacks Added to the Database

12 October 2009 12:00PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Zelda - Link's Awakening DX (NL) complete!

12 October 2009 1:26PM EST - Update by Ok Impala!

Translations News

It’s been a while since the last Dutch translation release by Ok Impala! Today marks another release however! Xslicer worked hard the last few months on the Dutch translation of Zelda - Link’s Awakening DX.

Everything in the game is translated, including the graphics! For all Dutch speakers or people willing to learn some Dutch…this translation is for you!

You can check out the results and download the patch at!

RHDN The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX Dutch Translation Page

Breath of Fire 2 1.2b

11 October 2009 8:37AM EST - Update by Spinner 8

Translations News

Oh goodness! The Breath of Fire 2 translation by Watercrown Productions has been updated to version 1.2b! So, unless you enjoy typos and bugs in your translations, you should probably download it and replace any now-outdated BoF2 patches you have.

RHDN Breath of Fire II Page

Secret of Evermore Gameplay Balance hack released

09 October 2009 11:56AM EST - Update by Ninakoru

ROM Hacks News

Secret of Evermore is an incredible Action RPG game of the late years of the Super Nintendo. You play with two characters, a boy and his dog, who get trapped themselves in a fantasy world called Evermore. The story is quite original, and, for a change, more funny than serious.

This game had, until today, very few patches to play with. We had the great multiplayer patch and a few known bugs fixes, but nothing more.

Just here we have a fully-featured patch that deal with many internal aspects of the game, with the objective of having a challenging and more enjoyable experience with this already great game.

RHDN Secret of Evermore Gameplay Balance Patch page