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Announcing Project II, an extensive Final Fantasy IV mod

18 November 2013 1:10PM EST - Update by vivify93

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Final Fantasy II for the Super Nintendo has an atrocious script. This we know. J2e, supposedly, made FFII obsolete by translating its Japanese counterpart with its proper numeral, Final Fantasy IV. Common knowledge these days, no?

Unfortunately, as shown on Tomato’s famed Final Fantasy IV page on his acclaimed site, Legends of Localization, that simply isn’t the case. While an admirable effort for the era, these days, J2e’s script just isn’t up to par.

Enter Project II: a total revitalization of the script of Final Fantasy II for Super NES! Using Pinkpuff’s FF4kster, the game’s text has been entirely rewritten from the ground up. But it wasn’t enough to give people the same Final Fantasy II they’d played and replayed—this time, dummy content has been restored, bugs have been fixed, game-play enhancements have been made, and Sirens can at last be bought!


  • An entirely rewritten script, taking elements from various translations of Final Fantasy IV!
  • Restored missing content! Use Pray, Salve, and Recall, find SomaDrops and Firebombs in chests, and cast Shell!
  • An all-new title screen by Paladin!
  • Every spell has an in-battle use thanks to Dragonsbrethren and Deathlike2!
  • Reverted censored map graphics!
  • Various bugs fixes!
  • Sirens can be bought from an end-game shop!
  • …And many more modifications! See the readme for detailed information.

Enjoy a brand-new dialogue experience as you begin the Project, and enter the crusade for the crystals the way you should have in 1991!

Obscure Translation Two for One!

16 November 2013 8:01PM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Today we present two translations for your usual NES translation and a more uncommon GB translation.

The Samurai Lord Musashi was an anime series that aired in Japan during the early 90’s and was made by the same folks who did Yu Yu Hakusho, Studio Pierrot. The games appear to have been cash-ins and were released while the series was still on the air.

The Samurai Lord Musashi is essentially a retelling of the life of Musashi Miyamoto, Japan’s legendary historical figure. The anime was most likely inspired directly by a trilogy of movies starring Toshiro Mifune, The Samurai Trilogy.

This is yet another joint project between aishsha and Pennywise and it is nothing short of perfection.

Unfortunately the NES game wasn’t tested as much as we would have liked. We would appreciate it if special attention could be paid to using the Search command to find stuff. The game makes that aspect quite difficult by being picky and not all the text relating to it has been found in-game. Therefore, some text might be messed up.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children RELEASED!

16 November 2013 5:29AM EST - Update by Lugia2009

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After 4 years the wait is over! Final Fantasy VII for the NES!

This project began in 2009 and picked up where Lindblum left off in 2008. After starting with a translated version of the game, this game has been altered little by little and is now ready to be released to the public!

No part of this game has been left untouched. Music, enemies, events, graphics…there’s just too many changes to list here.

Enjoy, everyone!

DSNESDS – the SNES devkit that never was…

15 November 2013 6:36PM EST - Update by DSNESDS

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

Here it is. DSNESDS. Digisalt SNES Development Studio. An integrated SNES development environment which was meant to become one of the most powerful development tools for SNES… Unfortunately due to lack of time and finally a shift in personal preferences this piece of software could never reach the state of a first complete release. As various issues had to be solved, there were three different versions developed which share hardly any common codebase…

Probably the most complete and advanced version is DSNESDS v2 which includes a quite advanced tileeditor for SNES games… it features copy/paste from other applications via the system clipboard as well as various editing modes and integrates with the color palettes of the current project… also version two allows integration of WLA-DX for final assembly of the source so you could actually compile stuff with it…

All three versions come with sourcecode attached so you can go and pick up where things were left… also some graphical libraries developed for version 2 are downloadable at the page…

Hope there’s someone who likes the idea of an IDE for SNES games and probably picks things up one day… you can grab everything here:

Digisalt SNES Tileeditor

15 November 2013 6:36PM EST - Update by Digisalt SNES Tileeditor

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

This is basically a reimplementation of TileLayer Pro in Java which makes it possible to run the program on any modern operating system (as opposed to the original program which was Windows only).

The original idea was to develop it for DSNESDS. In the end it was more of a finger exercise for the vastly superior tileeditor developed for the IDE… Still though this version was finished and features all of the original programs features (I think) including tileset editing and palette editing.

So if you’re a linux/Macos guy you might want to give it a try.

AGTP Releases TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventure

14 November 2013 7:42PM EST - Update by Gideon Zhi

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Today sees the release of TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventure for the SNES! Translation is 100% complete, so enjoy! It can’t be claimed that this is the best platformer on the SNES or even that it´s one of the best, as it frankly can´t hold a candle to Mario, Metroid, Megaman X or Front Mission Gun Hazard (heh!) But it´s still a damn good game, and if you´re itching for a cute but challenging platformer with plenty of secrets to find, here´s a great chance to have a good scratch.

Next AGTP release is currently slated for two weeks from today. Keep your fingers crossed!

Mappy Kids English Translation!

09 November 2013 6:21AM EST - Update by Zynk Oxhyde

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

In search of another game to translate, Zynk has found a very, very obscure game from the Mappy series, Mappy Kids.

The game is very simplistic in terms of graphics & gameplay, which deviates from the original Mappy game. Mappy Kids–unlike another Mappy game title called Mappy Land–doesn’t involve trampolines.

Anyways, while very simplistic, Zynk thought this needed translation as he tried out the game, what confuses him about it is the bonus games. There are three bonus games: a flag game, sumo-like game & a spot-the-difference game. The latter two games are easy to understand but the flag game. The flag game is like a Simon says game where you need to raise or lower colored flags. At first, that game requires mere luck on which flag to move, but after Zynk edited the graphics, then it was easier to tell which flag to move.

The location of the texts are somewhat mess out. A lot of repeated names are scattered. With the shop item names, its so cramped that squishy tiles are implemented.

Aside from translation, as Zynk beta tested the game, he found a lot graphical errors in the game. Why does such a game as this get campy graphics? Also the background has messed up tile locations that he can’t fix. Plus, the most graphical mishap this game had is the Elephant. His trunk was cut off in-game while the ROM’s CHR had it whole! That was easily fixed & the Elephant has his nose whole. Another one is Goro (aka Nyamco). He has his whisker in an odd pattern that can be easily spotted on the sumo game while he jiggles his stuff. He got a face lift after that.

This poor game didn’t get much love by Namco in Zynk’s opinion. It could have better graphics since it was published late 1980s. Namco could have added the trampoline mechanics per title suggests.

In conclusion, the game is finally translated. There are other texts that maybe unused were translated, but Zynk doesn’t have the energy to find those after play-testing it multiple times (even on two-player mode). If ever there were errors found, please report it here on the news topic. That’s all!

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04 November 2013 7:01PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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