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Reserve_22//, Super Mario RPG Rom Hack.

16 June 2011 8:38PM EST - Update by Elementalpowerstar

ROM Hacks News

Due to serious lack of Super Mario RPG ROM hacks that display partially unique storylines, Reserve_22// was created solely for that purpose, and to encourage others to start or continue Super Mario RPG ROM hacking with the Lazy Shell editor by giangurgolo & Omega. This hack is to show a little more of what the editor is capable of, utilizing most of the features in Lazy Shell itself.

Final Fantasy VI Advance Color Restoration Patch

16 June 2011 4:26PM EST - Update by Novalia Spirit

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

To accommodate for the undersized, relatively dark monitor of the Game Boy Advance, a variety of colors in Final Fantasy VI Advance exhibit a higher degree of saturation than that of the earlier versions. Consequently, the graphics generally appear brighter, and certain colors diverge significantly from their original specifications. As such, the purpose of this patch, which supports all three versions, is to restore the colors to their former state.

A more detailed description is contained within the document bundled with the release. In addition, a collection of images designed to provide a basis for comparison can be found at my site.

Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Saiyans Complete Translation Released

14 June 2011 12:46AM EST - Update by siryoink

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Over eleven years after this translation was started, Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyans for the SNES has finally been completed! This one has been a long time in the making; hope everyone enjoys playing it!

Partial Patch for MKR on the GG

12 June 2011 1:20PM EST - Update by filler

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Just wanted to announce the release of a partial patch for Magic Knights Rayearth for the Sega Game Gear.

David Duerr and I worked on this for a couple of years but unfortunately disaster struck in July of 2010 when David’s hard drive died. He rose to the challenge and redid some of his work.

Currently some of the menus and battle text are inserted and I think all of the dialog stuff up until a boss that we had trouble with. He told me that he’ll keep working on this if we can get by the boss again.

We are releasing this partial patch for others to play as is. If anyone wants to play the game and progress to where the text insertion leaves off, please get in touch with myself (filler) or David (ded302) ( with a save state.

In the mean time enjoy the partial patch!

New Hacks Added to the Database

29 May 2011 1:04PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

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The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Makai Toushi SaGa in English!

29 May 2011 1:25PM EST - Update by Guest

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Makai Toushi SaGa is actually Final Fantasy Legend’s real Japanese name. Nowadays in the US when people talk about Makai Toushi SaGa, they’re referring to the WonderSwan Color remake of Final Fantasy Legend. In the year of 2002, Squaresoft decided to re-release Makai Toushi SaGa for the WonderSwan Color (Game Boy Advance’s petty competition in Japan). However, that is not all they did! They totally renovated the game and upgraded its quality to something more on the lines of the Super Nintendo.

Sadly, since the WonderSwan Color was not released in the US, Makai Toushi SaGa never saw the light of North American day. However, in March 2011 (9 years after Makai Toushi’s SaGa’s release!) Tower Reversed released the finished English translation for the game! SaGa fans rejoiced!

By fans for fans, this is a complete English translation for Makai Toushi SaGa on the WonderSwan Color, thanks to the efforts by Tower Reversed.

Minelvaton Saga Translation Finished

16 May 2011 7:25PM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

After many hours of blood, sweat, and tears aishsha has released a complete patch for Minelvaton Saga, the first game in a trilogy of games. See where it all began.

The Death of Crimson Nocturnal

15 May 2011 10:04AM EST - Update by Someone

Translations News

Crimson Nocturnal, the group responsible for the SaGa 2 English translation, is now at its end:

Crimson Nocturnal was created to be something enjoyable and, in a way, educational for those of us that worked on the projects. Gamers getting great games that they would have never played otherwise was just an added bonus.

In the game translation community, you have three different groups of people. There are the people that get involved and do their part and are a real asset to the projects. You have the people that don’t or can’t be involved directly with the projects, but they sit on the sidelines and are supportive and understanding and patient. Then you have those that think that these projects are something they’re entitled to, that they should get it when they want it and how they want it.

The third and last group are the real cancer of the community. You do your best to ignore them and pretend they do not exist, but in the end they’re still there whining and bitching and complaining about every little thing that doesn’t go their way.

These projects take a lot of time, focus, and dedication. It siphens away pretty much all of your free time and even occasionally eats into the rest of your time. The only thing that keeps you going on these projects is the enjoyment and the learning process of the projects.

Having to continually read comments about how you haven’t updated enough, or released anything in X amount of time. Having to deal with people whine and complain about something that costs them nothing at all wears on you.

The whole message can be read at their website.

New Translations Added to the Database

02 May 2011 12:07PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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New Utilities Added to the Database

02 May 2011 12:07PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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