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SMD BIN WIN 2.0b rc2 Released

30 August 2007 9:01AM EST - Update by vectorman

Utilities News

VectorMan has released an update to his Genesis ROM converter, SMD BIN WIN. This may be one of the last updates this software will have.

What’s New?

  • This is still a beta (just the second beta of 2.0)
  • Conversion canceling (now users can cancel while the conversion process is taking place)
  • File limit problems fixed (now users can convert up to 1,000 Files at a time)
  • File size limit fixed (now files 4 megs and over can be converted)
  • Cool new look

Anyone with problems please post them on my forum under the Help section (on, or read the readme.txt for more contact information.


Captain Tsubasa Vol. II - Super Striker

02 September 2007 5:52PM EST - Update by Whipon

Translations News

hayabusakun has released a translation patch for the ROM Captain Tsubasa Vol. II - Super Striker (J). He granted me the permission to make an ips patch from his work. The original release was distributed in ROM format.

About the game:

This game is based on the popular anime series. Some events in it don’t occur in the series, and some of the shots were created just for the game. The game has a long plot, lots of animations, great effects for the special shots, and an awesome soundtrack. If you liked the first game for the NES you’ll surely love this one.

Theres are also videos on YouTube about this translation. Take a look here and here. I’m very happy that this great game was finally full translated. Enjoy!!!

RHDN Captain Tsubasa Vol. II Page

Tales of Phantasia PSX, moving right along

27 August 2007 9:51AM EST - Update by Cless

Translations News

In the last several weeks, this project has made some colossal progress. It started off as just making some refinements to what was already done, but now there’s a lot more than that.

The largest of it all has to be the fact that we can now pretty much fit as much text as we need on a dialogue line. We were previously limited to 16 characters which was really quite annoying. Habilain is responsible for this revolutionary bit of progress.

Klarth was finally motivated to finish the script inserter (at least, the basic functionality). That combined with Habilain’s hack makes it possible to insert translated scripts and have them appear as intended.

And for me, I implemented my real first assembly level hack ever to fix all the text centering, which I am quite proud of.

The “only” bad news news to report is that the script translator has not returned any emails sent in the last several weeks. It’s worrisome because she helped us complete previous projects before, so had a record of dependability. At least we have a reliable “backup team” working on the script now, as I don’t want to waste anymore time in that front, seeing this technical progress and that this project is now over seven years in the making.

So far, there are only several more smaller ASM hacks and bugfixes left before this begins to look just about perfect all-around. We should be able to handle those within a timely manner. We’re mostly just riding on the script at this point before we can FINALLY release this thing.

We’re also hoping to enlist the help of an English major for the editing process of script revision. I want the characters have defined personalities, voices, and have it all flow naturally. The entire script is roughly around ~600KB.

That all said, the Phantasian Productions homepage has *many* more screens and some other info.

Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon’s Quest Complete Translation Patch Released

14 September 2007 5:42AM EST - Update by Jonny

Translations News

I am releasing a Complete Translation Patch for Do-Re-Mi Fantasy on Snes. It is based on Gaijin Translations 2000 Translation Patch for the Dialogue text, and now includes all of the Graphics Translated including Title Logo, World Names, Menus and Mini Game Text. Some improvements have also been made to the dialogue text to make it more consistent and to fix some errors. Thanks to those on the translation forum for translating the graphic text: filler, KingMike, satsu, Suzaku, Guadozoku, Gideon Zhi.

Staff - You can get the patch here at RHDN.

Dragon Squadron Danzarb Translation, by Aeon Genesis

24 August 2007 9:53AM EST - Update by Gideon Zhi

Translations News

After a lengthy debug process, Aeon Genesis has released a complete translation of Dragon Squadron Danzarb, a simple little RPG produced by Pandora Box, Gainax, and Yutaka for the SNES. It features a battle system halfway between Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy, giant robot dragons, a new gameplay twist for each mission, and a story that, while largely cliche, impresses greatly by the end of the game.

The translation is complete and hopefully without issues. Enjoy!

Space Squash Partially Translated

19 August 2007 3:27PM EST - Update by KingMike

Translations News

While searching the Internet, I found a news update on VB fan site Planet Virtual Boy.

Apparently, somebody named Feel has released a partial translation patch for Space Squash. While this is mostly a menu patch, I still feel it’s worth mentioning as it’s quite possibly the system’s first translation patch.

RHDN Space Squash Page

New Submitted Translations Added to the Database

17 August 2007 8:53AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Original Fire Emblem Translation!

15 August 2007 12:27PM EST - Update by DarknessSavior

Translations News

I just released a preliminary patch for the original FE, check it out. The items and characters are translated and inserted, and now have space (thanks to KingMike’s double-line hack)! Most of the battle messages are translated too.

Warning: There is a small bug. You cannot use shops, don’t ask me why, as I currently don’t know what I can do to fix it. -.-

Staff - You can get the aforementioned patch here at RHDN.

An Apology From MIJET

10 August 2007 9:56AM EST - Update by Kagemusha

Translations News

Some errors were discovered in the adventures of Kinds and Shilka. By way of apology, please accept this Gleylancer translation patch. We humbly request that you root out and destroy the bad versions, as we did to the people responsible. Thank you.

Staff - You can get them all here at RHDN:

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest USA Re-Translation!

01 August 2007 3:45PM EST - Update by DarknessSavior

Translations News

Basically, whilst taarna23 and I were talking about working on something together, the topic of FF:MQ having a bunch of weird translation changes came up. Thus, I started working on FF:MQ. I’ve always been a big fan of it (*hugs his cart*), so this was an obvious choice for a project.

Tauwasser was gracious enough to help a newbie out (me, duh!) by making a font insertion/extraction program (the font was compressed) for me. I stumbled upon it earlier in July, so I started working on it.

I’ve translated about 99% of the items/weapons/armor, locations, monsters, and a few tidbits here or there (battle messages and such). I took the “Auto” and “Manual” images from the US version, as well as the “White”, “Black”, “Wizard”, “Magic”, and “Left” images. I used them because of space reasons, plus, they’re quite well done.

I’m in dire need of a good translator for this project, as I respect the source material (as I do the other projects I take on) and would like to see the script receive a beautiful translation.