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New Kanon translation project announced

07 January 2007 12:18AM EST - Update by Moogy

Translations News

After Haeleth announced that he was dropping the Kanon translation project, many people were disappointed. Well, have no fear, because a new group, Non-Directional Translations has picked up where he left off. Using Haeleth’s script as a base (with permission), they’ve completed much of the game. They are currently in alpha testing, and expect a release before the anime finishes airing - in 3 months or so.

Kanon is a visual novel, along the lines of Tsukihime. Note that this project is for the RealLive version, or Standard Edition. The original version of the game, the AVG version, is currently not supported by this project.

SMD BIN WIN 1.0 Released

02 January 2007 7:32PM EST - Update by VectorMan

Utilities News

VectorMan has released SMD BIN WIN 1.0. SMD BIN WIN is a file converter for SMD files. It converts SMD files to Binary format with ease. It has a completely visual interface that was designed to be easy to use, so you can do conversions in a few clicks.

You can download SMD BIN WIN 1.0 from here

Blaster Master: Pimp your Ride

02 January 2007 10:48AM EST - Update by Jigglysaint

ROM Hacks News

Jigglysaint has released version 1.1 of his new Blaster Master hack entitled Blaster Master: Pimp your Ride.

The main feature of this hack is that 8 new upgrades have been added into the game, on top of the 7 that already exist. This makes for a combined 15 upgrades. What each new upgrade does is a secret. Most will be needed in order to finish the game.

The game also features level edits. The first two tank levels have been re-done, and the others have recieved minor updates in order to show off the new upgrade features.

New Submitted Hacks Added to the Database

01 January 2007 11:05AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Magic Engine FX Released! & Multi-project Updates

30 December 2006 9:56AM EST - Update by filler

Translations News

David Michel of Magic Engine fame has recently released the his PC-FX emulator, Magic Engine FX! There are still some bugs to be fixed, but overall it’s a very stable version with good game support for the official release. Head over to Magic to purchase your copy or try out the full-featured demo.

Also, there has been a flurry of activity on my projects as of late, so I wanted to make a general progress announcement.

Bubble Gum Crash - This project has been picked up by Tomaitheous of PC-Engine Dev. Hacking and editing is pretty much done. It’s in beta right now. No ETA but could be ready for release shortly.

Lady Sword - This project has also been picked up by Tomaitheous. The compressed font has been found and replaced! (See image) Now just to finish translating the script…

Hexa-Space 01: SEREN - I’ve begun working on dumping the rest of the non-cutscene text from this game again. Have made progress on inserting in-game text and editing images such as the opening and closing screens.

Welcome to Pia Carrot - Last but far from least. I’m at the 36%-38% mark on translating the script for this game. David Michel is doing the hacking work on this. Stay tuned for more updates on this enormous project.

For more information on these projects and more, please visit my projects page.

MCBHacks back online with a new game!

30 December 2006 9:55AM EST - Update by Macbee

ROM Hacks News

After a looong time of rest, I decided to return to my ROM Hacks. In 2007 I celebrate nine years in this bizarre hobby and realized that I don’t want to quit it.

Most of you probably don’t know my work. I’m a kinda of a fraud… I have no idea of how people REALLY hack a game.. I just change some graphics and colors but I’m very happy just doing this.

This time I changed the visual of 1983’s “Mario Bros”, one of the first games for the Famicom and incredibly fun even for today’s standards.

Just because I’m silly with a capital “S”, I created the first Japanese commercial for the hack. You can check it out below and see how the game looks now:

The game isn’t available yet. But you can get it on 01-01-2007, when my new website will officially open.

Hope you like it!! Macbee

STAFF Note: You can check out the commercial he made for his hack via this youtube link.

Dream Penguin Adventure updated

25 December 2006 5:53AM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

The Dream Penguin Adventure patch has been updated to version 1.02. The only change in this version is one line I had forgotten to fix one pointer, and as such, the line was not displaying properly. This bug is now fixed.

Now, are there any other releases planned? Who knows. Maybe…

STAFF NOTE: You can find the patch on our site here or at the link below.

Temporal Flux 2.50 Released

23 December 2006 9:58PM EST - Update by Zeality

Utilities News

Geiger has released Temporal Flux 2.50, the latest version of the Chrono Trigger editor. Among the upgrades and changes are Japanese ROM support, read-only Prerelease ROM support, treasure chest editing, explicit pasting of map data with all layers, a new docking library, new decoded events, a smaller executable, and tons of fixes, including the elimination of a corruption bug with string imports. It is important to note that the Japanese ROM won’t accept any foreign characters. Discussion and the progress of a JP character workaround is going on at this thread the full list of changes can be found in the versions text file.

STAFF NOTE: You can find the latest version on our site here, or from the link below.

ZSNES 1.50

25 December 2006 5:47AM EST - Update by Kiyoshi

Utilities News

ZSNES 1.50 has been released. There’s a big long changelog on the news section of the ZSNES website, but the really important note is that it has a cross-platform debugger.

So no more emulating DOS just to use ZSNES’s debugger.

On a related note, this release does break some translation patches. If you have released any translations, please check over it to ensure it works in 1.50, or users will be sorely disappointed.

STAFF NOTE: The debugger is only accessible via the -d command line parameter (but is at least compiled in with the general releases!)

Wonder Project J 2 Translation Announced

20 December 2006 8:36PM EST - Update by Ryu

Translations News

I’ve decided to finally make it public that I’m working on a translation for the N64 game Wonder Project J2. For that matter I’ve set up a basic project page which you can find here, it will inform you in detail about the project’s status and what’s always important is has lot’s of screenshots. Enjoy )