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Translation Release: God-Fighter Zeroigar (PC-FX)

09 August 2015 10:30AM EST - Update by SamIAm

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

One of only three respectable action games on the Japan-exclusive PC-FX console, “God-Fighter Zeroigar” is a 2D vertical scrolling shooter that came out this very week back in 1997. Rather than an arcade-style high score challenge, it is a console-style epic, sporting a unique level-up system and a highly developed story told through in-game events and roughly 16 minutes of high-quality hand-drawn anime FMV.

The game’s complex game system and deep story have made Zeroigar highly inaccessible to non-Japanese speakers in the 18 years since its release. As of today, however, there is a patch that eliminates this problem completely.

You’ll see that the title screen menu, the complex level-up/repair screen, the in-game icons and dialogue text, and even the credits are now in English. What you might be surprised to see in addition is that the FMVs are fully subtitled with no loss to the original image.

This was only possible because of three things: the nature of the PC-FX FMV playback chip, the windowed original video giving us room to put subtitles in their own black space, and there being just enough bandwidth in the data stream to fit them.

Zeroigar’s story is both a throwback to classic 1970s robot anime and something quite unique. An evil empire is taking over the galaxy, but one of their scientists escapes with the plans for their ultimate weapon and flees far away…to Earth in 1945, where she encounters a Japanese pilot just returning from the war who might be able to help her.

Give this game a try in Mednafen, the only emulator that fully supports it, or enjoy it on your real PC-FX system. Elmer and SamIAm, respectively the hacker and translator of the project, and many others who helped along the way all think you’ll love it.

…and would you believe that the patch is only 1.3MB!

Just remember to put the Mode 1 switch on your controller to B to toggle autofire. :)

Visit for a preview!


05 August 2015 7:41PM EST - Update by Messianic

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Earthbound upgraded!

Hack features the following:

  • Increased difficulty via different enemy attacks
  • Redrawn, repaletted, and brand new sprites
  • Repaletted tilesets
  • All new PSI and mechanics to many abilities
  • Translated more faithfully to the Japanese text
  • New items
  • Revamped items and stats, including new menu windows
  • New overworld enemy sprites

Much much more!

Unprecedented Crisis - Version 2

05 August 2015 7:39PM EST - Update by pinkpuff

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After a lot of useful feedback from people who played the first version, the new and improved version of the extensive Final Fantasy 4 hack, Unprecedented Crisis, is ready for release.

There are quite a few things fixed and/or improved over version 1. The readme explains them in more detail, but the highlights are:

  • Smoother difficulty curve, particularly the underworld.
  • Fewer damage floors and more ways to avoid them.
  • New commands! Cid gets “Dash” which allows him to ram into an enemy like Umaro from FF6, and Kain gets “Lance” (Lancet) which drains HP.
  • Starting inventory; sort and trash now start at the top.
  • Automatic party size tracking; you can no longer choose to overfill your party and wreck your game.
  • More hints given about where to go and what to do. You should definitely check out Baron’s Training Room and the Agart Inn.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements.

FF4kster version 0.8

05 August 2015 7:37PM EST - Update by pinkpuff

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

FF4kster, the all-in-one editor for Final Fantasy 4 has once again received a long overdue update. This update doesn’t feature any new major compoentents, but rather a large collection of smaller things, including:

  • The monster editor now allows you to edit “special size” details (the “size” bytes used by bosses), as well as showing a preview for the monster palette when selecting it.
  • Triggers and map data now have safeguards preventing data overflow.
  • The solobattle and trigger editors now preview the formation details.
  • The feature editor now contains an entry for “6-letter spells”; changing this range will affect what spells can be put into player spell sets.
  • The map editor now displays how much room is left for adding new map data, and allows you to change “glitch worlds” into usable maps, and vice versa.
  • The event editor has been cleaned up and improved; the sub-menus now expand when you’re selecting the parameters.
  • Many other miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements.

New Translations Added to the Database

03 August 2015 12:40AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

New Hacks Added to the Database

03 August 2015 12:40AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Pachinko Daisakusen 1 & 2 in English!

02 August 2015 12:29AM EST - Update by mrrichard999

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Here to announce the translations of Pachinko Daisakusen 1 & 2. Its a simple Pachinko game in which you play the machines in order to complete the stages of the game. Enjoy!

Pachinko Daisakusen 1 -

Pachinko Daisakusen 2 -

Link's Awakening DX Spanish Translation released!

01 August 2015 4:19AM EST - Update by toruzz

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Link’s Awakening finally gets this much deserved translation into Spanish!

All texts and graphics have been translated. The translation is based on the author’s VWF edition hack, so it also includes a variable-width font and a couple of fixes.

New Translations Added to the Database

29 July 2015 10:06PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Shenmue II Spanish Translation released!

23 July 2015 8:48PM EST - Update by IlDucci

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

The three-year project that is the Shenmue II Spanish translation has finally been released for Dreamcast and XBOX.

This time, all texts from the game are fully translated, but that’s not all: A number of items have been uncensored, including Yuan’s sexuality, Hassan’s ethnicity, and many other fixes.

We’ve also dubbed certain scenes of the game: The Prologue is, once again, dubbed by Laura Peña or Rinneichan, but also the 2012 Digest Movie dub has been remastered for this translation. The XBOX version has a special cutscene dubbed to Spanish by 19 voice actors.

The Shenmue patch was also updated to make use of the new tricks found by the team and to implement a homogeneous translation of terms in both games. Now the Shenmue saga is fully translated to Spanish.

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