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New translation patch for Langrisser II MD by M.I.J.E.T.

18 August 2008 1:02PM EST - Update by DCEvoCE

Translations News

This is a translation patch for the Mega Drive game Langrisser II. It is the sequel to Langrisser (known as Warsong in the USA) by Masaya. As usual, it is a “dual-language” patch, meaning that it is capable of displaying the original Japanese script in addition to the English translation, depending on the country code of your machine.

It is loosely based on the older Hiryuu Honyaku / Warui Toransu translation. A few improvements to their original work were made by D et al. before he passed it off to M.I.J.E.T. Aside from the script and a few graphics, almost nothing was taken from the old release. The hacking was completely redone from scratch and is far superior. The script was almost entirely rewritten, edited, and type-set, with quite a bit of it retranslated. If you shied away from the older release, you may find that this version meets your standards.

Language warning! It’s fairly mild, there’s just a lot of it.

Please post feedback here:

Staff - You can get the patch here from our archive.

New Submitted Hacks Added to the Database

14 August 2008 9:03AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

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The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

SBW Classic 2.5.0 Alpha Released

04 August 2008 5:16PM EST - Update by VectorMan

Utilities News

SBW Classic, the successor of SMD BIN WIN, is a SEGA Genesis ROM converter supporting the three most common Genesis ROM formats: SMD, Binary, and MD.


  • Batch conversion
  • Conversion canceling
  • Six conversion types
  • Update checker
  • Based on SMD BIN WIN 2.0b RC2 source code
  • Invalid ROM detection

Features Coming Soon:

  • Language pack support

Why an upgrade?

I decided to reorganize the code, clean things up, make it easier to use, and add in some features I missed the first time around. Most notable changes are the Update Checker, and two more conversion methods (SMD to MD and MD to SMD).

Please Note: This is an alpha release, which means it may not be very stable, and it may not work as expected on all machines and under all conditions. However, I have done a lot of testing and have found that the most common conversion methods worked flawlessly on my computers. But remember to keep a copy of your ROM files handy just in case something goes wrong. Please report any bugs you may find to the bug tracker (read the readme for more information).

Get the download here: SBW Classic Download Page

New Submitted Translations Added to the Database

28 July 2008 10:27AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

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The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

New Submitted Utilities Added to the Database

29 July 2008 11:02AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Utilities News

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The following Utilities have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Storehouse No.18 V.1.0 Complete English Translation

28 July 2008 5:21PM EST - Update by Gil Galad

Translations News

Today, I present you with the 100% complete Russian to English translation of the game Warehouse No.18, which has been re-titled to Storehouse No.18. Originally designed for play on the Dendy, a unlicensed Russian Famicom clone console system.

As far as the game is concerned, Storehouse No.18 is a Sokoban clone. For those that are familiar with Sokoban, know that the objective of the game is to push boxes around in a maze to their designated storage spaces. There are two modes to this game, Game mode and Editor mode. In game mode, you simply select the storehouse that you wish to play according to ID number and then play. In Editor mode, you can design your own storehouses and then play them afterwards.

To my knowledge, this is the first Russian to English ROM hack fan translation. All text has been translated to English, windows resized in some cases to accommodate longer or shorter lines of text. Assembly hacking has been done to remove the hack protection scheme that prevents the altering of certain bytes in the ROM, the effect is that the game will stall in reset mode if the check fails. The annoying grey screen before the title screen loads has been reduced to one frame so that you barely notice it exists.

RHDN Storehouse No.18 Page

Elysion English Patch v0.9

26 July 2008 9:39AM EST - Update by Tenshigami

Translations News

Elysion is an Action RPG for the NES, ported from the PC-98 original. It has your typical “Quest to Destroy Evil” storyline, and seems to use a grab bag of different mythologies throughout the script.

This patch should translate the entire game into english. But it is possible that I may have missed some text somewhere.

The zip file contains two patches. Both translate the game into English, but one of them adds SRAM support in place of the game’s original 64-character password system. The patch with the original password system intact is provided should you encounter a password that does not save/load from SRAM properly.

Should you encounter a “bad” password, or any other bugs, PM me on the forums or send me an e-mail.

Warsaw City v4.5

25 July 2008 9:25AM EST - Update by Berion

ROM Hacks News

Two months ago, I released a patch to a very popular game - Battle City. The hack consisted of four parts, named after the seasons of the year. This hack relates to the Polish history of The Second World War (changed icon of the eagle) and our national patriotism.

A few days ago with Dr00id88, we finished our project of creating a multicart version of Warsaw City. For some of you it’s only an added loader, but in fact it’s a couple of pure assembly code hacks, screwed together to give you that beautiful effect. :)

RHDN Warsaw City Page

New Submitted Hacks Added to the Database

21 July 2008 10:18AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

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The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Aridia 1.3

18 July 2008 9:08AM EST - Update by hugues

Utilities News

The Phantasy Star III ROM editor Aridia has been updated to version 1.3. The changes in this version are:

  • Added character technique editing
  • Added find feature to palettes tab
  • Fixed (another) bug where editing inventory can modify techniques (hopefully the last one)

RHDN Aridia Page