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AGTP Updates on Live-a-Live

14 January 2008 2:18AM EST - Update by I.S.T.

Translations News

Gideon Zhi has posted an update for Live-A-Live at AGTP.

“It´s taken a whole lot longer than anyone could have predicted, but I think we´ve finally fixed all of the little niggling technical issues. One particularly nasty one, just resolved, would corrupt your save data and replace characters with multiple Oersteds.

The scripts are all edited save for the final chapter, but of course due to that previously-mentioned save corruption, I need to restart the game from the beginning. Provided a speedy replay and no further technical problems (and maybe some wrangling with SNES9X´s cheat engine) an in-house betatest should be coming pretty soon, with a release following shortly thereafter. No promises, though! We thought the technicals had been resolved last September, but look how wrong we were!”

Panel De Pon Translation Hack - v1.0

01 January 2008 9:24AM EST - Update by Zuqkeo

Translations News

After some delays, the translation patch for this game has been completed and uploaded. Several typographical errors have been corrected. The game also received an English title logo, and the edited sections of credits rolls have been properly formatted. Enjoy. ^_^

Staff Note:Panel De Pon is a puzzle game for the SNES. You can find this translation patch archived at RHDN here.

Rockboard Translation: COMPLETE!

01 January 2008 9:22AM EST - Update by Dr. Cossack

Translations News

After several years of efforts, one of the few Mega Man games never available in English has been fully translated: Wily & Light’s Rockboard: That’s Paradise!!

Rockboard is a NES game build around a concept similar to Monopoly: you and a few other players (humans or computers) duke it out to buy lots, build labs and run your opponents into bankruptcy on four game boards. The game was originally released in 1993 in Japan only, and no fan-made translations have been completed until now.

Two patches are available within the same download archive: one keeps the original Japanese names (such as Rockman), while the other brings everything up to date with the North American releases (with Mega Man and friends).

Information, screenshots and the download file are all available on the Mega Man PC Website: Dr. Cossack’s Lab.

Staff Note: You can find the translation archived on RHDN here.

An Emerald Dragon News Update!

29 December 2007 4:04PM EST - Update by KingMike

Translations News

Nightcrawler has updated his page with the progress that has been made on the Emerald Dragon translation beta test!

He has fixed all the bugs reported thus far. One tester has finished the game, the rest have had real-life interruptions. His latest accomplishment was getting the casino mini-games translated, which was a pain since the code was almost completely different from the main game. The estimated patch release date and a few other bits of news can be found at the following link:

BubbleGum Crash

26 December 2007 1:16PM EST - Update by tomaitheous

Translations News

PC Engine fans rejoice! Another translation comes your way. This time it’s for BubbleGum Crash on Hucard. A digital comic set around the Crash series, you unravel a series of mysterious bank robbery incidents. One that just might require Nene, Linna, Priss, and Sylia to band the Knight Sabers together again, for one more show down.

RHDN entry

Christmas present: Tales of Phantasia (Psx) released!

24 December 2007 6:47PM EST - Update by Gemini

Translations News

Merry Christmas from Absolute Zero!

We proudly present v1.0 of the Tales of Phantasia PSX translation patch!

All you need to supply is your .bin or .img rip of Tales of Phantasia and the attached custom patcher will take care of the rest. Since it would seem this cannot be overstated, the patched game is fully compatible with real hardware. Please be sure to check the readme, which, among a complete patching procedure and other useful notes, also contains important information regarding emulator and PSP-emulation specific glitches (these are emulator glitches, not patch bugs).

Please consult the readme before asking specific questions about patching or related topics.

We thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy Tales of Phantasia PSX!

RHDN Project Page

KH 2 Re: Chain Of Memories Partial Translation Released!

24 December 2007 1:39PM EST - Update by saito

Translations News

Here comes a partial translation for this Ps2 game. This incredible remake needed some sort of translation to make it at least “playable”.

However, this partial patch has its limitations. Here is a brief list of the messages and menus that this patch covers:

  • Game menu “Deck menu options and features”
  • Some system messages “Mostly save and load menu,and other miscellaneus messages”
  • Cards Names “All kind of cards: world,abilities and items”
  • Location display
  • Level up screen
  • Skills display (dual/triple) in combat

Note: The game locks up in pcsx2 and do not display the font characters correctly, but on the real hardware it does ;)

You can get the patch from here or here.

Please check out the Readme.txt file for more information.

Have a Merry Gaming Christmas!

Legend of Cao Cao translation release!

23 December 2007 10:34AM EST - Update by Terranigma Freak

Translations News

It’s been a long time coming, rejoice, all… 3 or 4 of you who know of this game! The first 100% beta release of Koei’s spin off Strategy RPG series Legend of Cao Cao is complete. You can grab the translation either here or here. The translation section of contains some bigger and better looking screens for you to see.

There will be more revisions coming that’ll fix whatever errors that remain in this release. Also, Lady Wu was unable to fix the character limitation in the game, so when you deploy characters, those with the longer names might vanish or overlap with another name. If you know how to fix it, please contact Lady Wu over at

The game is the third game in a series of ROTK based Strategy RPGs. All of them were on PC (but the first one was also on SNES), and never released in America. Very few people have heard of them, and fewer have played it. If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem style Strategy RPG, then you should definitely give this game a try. If you’re a fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, you should also give it a try. The game clocks at around 50 hours, two alternate paths (50 hours each path), 60 different secret weapons, cinematic duels that took place in the novel to find, and secret maps and characters to discover.

If you have any problems with playing the game, you can ask us over at the forums here. We will gladly answer any questions you have about the game.

RHDN Project Page

Phantasy Star translation 1.0 released

22 December 2007 10:32AM EST - Update by KingMike

Translations News

Today, SMS Power has released the final version of their re-translation of Phantasy Star for the Master System, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the original Japanese version.

Staff - You can get the updated patch here at RHDN.

Wonder Project J2 V1.0

16 December 2007 11:48AM EST - Update by Ryu

Translations News

It’s been several months since I last posted any news about this project. Well, it’s time to post some news again, and the reason is simple: it’s done. I’ve just made version 1.0 of my English Wonder Project J 2 (Nintendo64) translation available for download. It can be called a complete patch, with the exception of a few graphics, everything’s translated. You can grab it over here.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to read the readme.txt before you start playing. N64 emulation is not quite like the emulation of platforms like the SNES. There is a lot to know about the emulation, especially with this game. The readme should answer about 95% of the question you might have, so read it, your gaming experience will only profit from it.

So what else is to say? Those who’ve played the first game know what to expect. The game mechanics are very similar. It’s still a game that can get really tedious at times. But they did improve some things, for example the whole annoying stat leveling is gone. Also, you’re now free to decide in which order you do things. You don’t need to go through chapter after chapter like in the predecessor. And for those who haven’t played the first game, fear not, having played it is not really necessary. What kind of game is this? Some people may call this a RPG, but what it comes the closest to is a graphic adventure. Overall, I can’t really draw a comparison to any other game besides the first, but if you like the two anime ‘Nadia the Secret of Blue Water’ and ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’, you will love this game.

Well, that’s all, I hope you enjoy the translation.

RHDN Wonder Project J 2 Page

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