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IRC Chat is moving!

07 November 2010 5:13AM EST - Update by DarkSol

Site News

Due to recent and continual net-splits on the DarkMyst network, as the administrator on the IRC side of the house, I am announcing that we are moving the chat to SynIRC where I am currently an IRCop.

There will be a transition period for people to get acclimated to the change of one month. After which, I will be shutting down the channel on DarkMyst.

However, the same rules still apply on SynIRC as they do on DarkMyst.

The IRC staff and I welcome you to join our chatroom and make yourself at home!

A list of the IRC servers in the SynIRC network can be found here. and Data Crystal Merge!

10 September 2010 5:49AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

This is an exciting day for! Today we officially announce the merger between and the Data Crystal Wiki ( Two of the largest ROM Hacking resources around have come together in a big step forward toward centralization of the community and providing the largest ROM hacking resource on the planet! Both sites shared many of the same goals and it made sense to combine our resources and link together. AnyoneEB will remain webmaster of Data Crystal and it has been great working with him so far.

There are many new possibilities that have opened up with integrating RHDN and Data Crystal content. We’ve already implemented several new features you can read about below. We plan to continue the integration process as time goes on. We’d love to hear from you on what you might like to see in the future.

Here are some new features that have come from the merger:

  • Accounts Merged with Data Crystal

    You may use your existing RHDN account to log into Data Crystal for editing. If you don’t have an account, creating a new account from RHDN will work on both sites.

  • RHDN Game Pages Enhanced with links to Data Crystal

    Every RHDN game page now links to associated Data Crystal ROM Maps, RAM Maps, Table Files, Hacking Notes, and Tutorials! In the event no page exists on Data Crystal, you can create the appropriate page on the spot!

    See the examples below for Super Mario Brothers and Earthbound that show the full effects of the new possibilities!

  • Fan Translation Community History Page

    The Fan Translation Community History page is back in wiki form! This was a page lost when Wikipedia deleted it. It’s back now and ready to be edited and enhanced by all of you!

  • Translation Request List:

    The Translation Request List from the forum has moved to the wiki. Users can add their requested games themselves. The list can be maintained by anyone, and the ability to further enhance it with additional information is made possible by the wiki format.

RHDN 4th Anniversary!

23 December 2009 8:49AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

RHDN turns four! What a fourth year its been! RHDN and its members have definitely proven we’re tough and have some serious staying power this year. After being embroiled by a dramatic Internet hacking caper in June from a HyperVM exploit, our VPS server fell to complete data loss along with thousands of others. We were down, but far from out! We suffered a few weeks of downtime, rebuilt from backup, and restored remaining information with the help of our strong user base. Fast forward a few months later and we’re back to near record traffic and visits once again! If that can hardly leave a dent on RHDN and its members, I don’t know what can! It was a proud moment to see everybody work together, rebuild, and move forward to become better than ever!

This year saw several big improvements to the site. With RHDN 2.2 we saw: full site UTF-8 support to better serve our global community, a new font section was introduced, and navigation and functional improvements were made. We also revitalized and reworked our IRC channel to better tie in with the site and be the extension to RHDN it was meant to be. Joining together our two staffs, we kicked off the improved channel with a two day meet and greet IRC event. It was great to expose new people to IRC and have them come out to the channel for a fun online event. We will also definitely be considering the possibilities of what can be done for future events. Some ideas considered would be a Q&A session, mentoring session, or even a small ROM hacking class.

The largest global force of ROM hackers ever assembled is still in full force and propelling RHDN one year closer to being the longest lasting ROM hacking focused site of its kind! What challenges does RHDN face for year five? We’ve got to continue to encourage, promote, and facilitate user contribution. Our contribution base is strong, but there’s still room for more of us to join the band and bring RHDN to the next level! Our user contribution is what makes RHDN what it is. We will continue to look for more ways to give additional site editing power to the users, display your contributions, and hopefully encourage new people to jump on the contribution bandwagon! We will certainly continue to evaluate site navigation and functionality to improve the user experience and make it easier than ever for you to contribute!

The overwhelming majority of our new users today come from Google searches on a variety of topics from gaming to emulation. Sometimes, the search terms may be unrelated (such as game titles) to what we do here. We have to continue to improve our accessibility to outsiders and gracefully deal with people who do not know what our community is all about, and other ‘growing pains’ so to speak. RHDN has grown beyond its niche roots and we have to look at ways to continue to adapt to our large site status.

So, what’s in store for 2010? I’ve already mentioned a few things throughout that we will be trying to achieve. Surely, we’ll see an RHDN 2.3 release covering several of those items. Though no official development plan has been made yet, I’d expect you may see: an improved site and forum layout, improved submission form interface and options, fun additions to your profiles and community database pages, enhanced database relationships, and possibly a new section or two!

If you’ve got some good ideas or ways to improve the site, we’d love to hear them in the Site Talk section of our forums! Its only with a combined effort that we can continue to be the unwavering global force that we are today and keep RHDN a valuable resource for years to come! We can make year five the best year yet!

RHDN Meet and Greet IRC Event!

12 November 2009 9:07AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

Come meet, greet, and get to know your RHDN site and IRC channel staff members during this inaugural IRC community event! Our staff wants to get to know you on a more personal level and elevate the community aspect of the site to new levels! Make new friends, ask questions, talk about the future of RHDN! It’ll be a fun time had by all! Read on for details!

The event will run on two days with the following expected staff participants. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, December 3rd 16:00 - 18:00 EST:

  • I.S.T.
  • Nightcrawler
  • KaioShin
  • Azkadellia
  • Gideon Zhi
  • Dragonsbrethren
  • RedComet

Sunday December 6th 13:00 - 15:00 EST:

  • I.S.T.
  • Nightcrawler
  • KaioShin
  • Suzaku
  • Gil Galad
  • DarkSol
  • MathOnNapkins

DvD Translations New Home / Free Hosting

09 September 2009 6:54PM EST - Update by Matthew Callis

Site News

DvD Translations has a new home at I’m also taking this opportunity to offer anyone with a site going down due to Geocities or just never had a site to have hosting for emulation related projects. You can have your own domain or a subdomain from / / based on what type of project you are working on.

Dynamic-Designs Open for Business!

09 September 2009 6:53PM EST - Update by Draken

Site News

Well, it finally happened! Stealth Translations and Magic-Destiny have officially merged to form Dynamic-Designs! A brand new website is up, and they have announced that work has begun on everyone’s most wanted SNES RPG: Burning Heroes. Some translators have stepped forward to lend a hand, but as always, more translation support is always welcomed.

There are also mentions of Mystic Ark updates, as well as mentions of “Secret Project #1″ being at 45% done with beta testing.

RHDN 2.2 Released!

23 June 2009 10:31AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

We’re happy to announce the major release of RHDN 2.2. This release brings several new features that have been added to the site. You may have noticed a few of these features silently deployed for testing over the past several weeks. The showcase piece this time around is the addition of a long awaited Font Archive that should benefit ROM hackers of all types. Please be sure to read the submission guidelines, and look at some of the example fonts already in place for details on what is expected from your entry.

In addition to that, we have many other additions and have addressed all site issues/bugs on file! See the highlights below.

RHDN 2.2 Highlights:

  • New Font Archive section
  • Multiple Authors support for Hacks Section
  • UTF-8 Full Site and Forum Conversion
  • Language added to Extended Translation Submissions Page
  • Reason for change field added to all edit submissions
  • Site wide dynamic page titles
  • Fixed all recorded site issues and problems on file! Open for Business Again

17 June 2009 3:41PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

A few of you may have noticed was down for a little bit. I hope your withdrawal wasn’t too bad. :P Well, we’re back now. :) Since I can only type with one hand, I’ll just copy and paste to fill in anybody who hasn’t been in the know.

From a few days ago: is currently down to the public and in the rebuilding process. The server we were on was a victim of complete data loss as a result of a widespread attack and vulnerability from HyperVM, a host node VPS (Virtual Private Server) control software. Much real life drama including a suicide relating to this issue has gone on. You can read an overview at the following:

Though this event was technically beyond my control, I apologize for any lapse in administrative judgment regarding backups and choice of host that have led to this partial (up to two months) data loss. I take preservation of our community’s data seriously and take pride in being a trustworthy Administrator. I hope this incident does not tarnish’s image, your trust in me, or our community’s strength. will return shortly to resume being a central hub for our community and archiving and preserving it’s accomplishments. There is nothing that can wipe out RHDN, only provide us with a temporary setback. Current status:

  • We have restored the site from backup as of April 5th, 2009 and recovered most added information from Google cache since then, and will work to restore it as well.
  • We have moved to a new VPS server being managed by custom VPS control software and do not expect the same occurrence to ever happen again.
  • is expected to return to partial service within 24 hours. Some features such as forum registration may remain down for a few more days while other services such as e-mail are restored.

Additional steps are being taken to further protect our history and continue to keep it safe at for years to come.

If you want to help out with a few remaining restoration issues, please see this forum topic:,8395.msg130820.html

You don’t know how much you miss something until it’s gone, right? So, enjoy RHDN again if you’ve missed it. If you didn’t miss it, well, why are you here reading this!? Go away! :P

Clomax Dominion died for good. Welcome to!

02 April 2009 5:52PM EST - Update by Gemini

Site News

The Italian romhacking community is back with, a site born from the ashes of Clomax Dominion. The site represented and still represents the biggest place to find Italian patches and guides on the net. The new features you will find in the site are:

  • Renewed archive of translations, hacks, and guides;
  • A brand new PHP engine for uploading anything you’d ever wish to;
  • Improved scripts for browsing our archives;
  • Pages load a lot faster now;
  • Better compatibility with all browsers and screen resolutions.

Welcome to the new!

RHDN 3rd Anniversary Reflection

23 December 2008 9:38PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate, and also a time to reflect on the past year. This third anniversary pushes me toward reflection this time around, rather than celebration. Year three was somewhat disappointing in all honesty. RHDN has suffered from what I would call ‘growing pains’. It’s not the little haven it once was. Success has prompted growth and growth has prompted many changes in atmosphere. Now that RHDN is bigger, we can’t go backwards. We can only try to adapt to it’s larger size burdens and choose the best direction to move forward. That’s the key to this reflection, the direction to move forward.

The ‘growing pains’ we’ve experienced represent problems that show up with any larger groups of people. Massive influx of useless new people who don’t read rules, post 1 or 2 useless posts, and never come again, is one example. It starts to become a burden to handle these people and has a negative effect on the atmosphere here. The larger the site, the larger this problem becomes. But that’s not what disappointed me. What disappoints me is that despite large amounts of people, there is still lack of a real community. In fact, there’s less of one than there was before. That begs the question of; do RHDN visitors even want a community?

We’ve spent time on features such as the community database which has huge potential to be enhanced into something grand like personal status pages for all community members. We’ve also added user reviews. Hardly anybody uses either of them. Massive amounts of people come here for a single useless post or two and never come back. As for community regulars, their interests are also in question. Two of the most popular site related discussion topics for 2008 were for a minor deletion policy change and handling of a newbie violating a rule. Those are the kinds of things that are most important? Individual forum moderation decisions and disallowing baseless claims for deletion to cut down on work? This is disturbing to me. This is not positive community oriented discussion. Our open forum tries to facilitate discussion of all site developments, but what’s being discussed is dirty laundry airing instead. Where’s the discussion on enhancing the community? We used to have that. Now, it seems to be missing. We temporarily lost a founding member this year thanks to loss of community focus and allowing endless nitpicking of every decision. This really poses the question of whether or not people even want a community, which leads me to my most troubling thoughts of all…

Does what the people want now conflict with the site charter? It would seem like the larger the site gets, the more in the direction of not wanting a community it goes. People seem to just want an archive site to come to grab whatever they want. They don’t care about their peers. They don’t care about contributing to enhancing the community. They don’t care if they never interact with anyone else. So, how does a site with a fundamental goal of being a community site, handle the community not wanting a community anymore? This is a core conflict of interest. This is a call for re-evaluation of the direction of the site. As the site Administrator, doner of countless hours of time, having the vision for this site, and being an active community member myself, this is very troubling. The site majority has shifted. Thanks to growth, the people who don’t care now outnumber the people who do.

It is because of these issues that year three has been disappointing to me. I see a call for a change in direction and resolution of this core conflict. RHDN needs to adapt to what it has become and set the direction it needs to go in to continue to be successful. I will take some time to carefully think over RHDN’s current state, it’s fundamental goals, recent community sentiment, and more importantly, listen to you now. Some changes are likely. Some compromises may be made, and perhaps some new goals will even be set. Is RHDN primarily an archive site? Is it a community site? Does the community RHDN aims to serve include everyone, or is a more select audience? Does full unrestricted policy discussion work with large amounts of people, or does it just breed dissension? Are all decisions made up for debate and allowed to be challenged? These are just some of the questions that must be asked.

The face of RHDN is changing. What does RHDN mean to you?

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