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General Information

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Revised RHDN Policy

30 September 2008 7:11AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

This is an announcement regarding a policy change I thought was important enough to warrant a news item on. On the disclaimer at the bottom of this page you will now find revised wording concerning our previously long standing removal/deletion policy.

Our previous policy allowed unconditional removal of files, and in many cases entries, at the request of an author of any material on our site. One of the primary missions of is the preservation of the files and information circulating in the hacking community. However, we have to balance this mission with the wishes of the authors. Our previous unconditional policy was starting to significantly conflict with goals of the site pertaining to archiving and preservation of data.

In the past several months our unconditional policy has been abused. Staff members became upset with requests resulting in:

  • Spending time fixing up and processing an author’s entry only to have them ask it be removed days later.
  • Getting mass deletion requests for all material belonging to an author with no reason or weak reason given.
  • Getting random deletion requests for material on the site for years with reasons cited as “don’t feel like having it hosted here anymore”.
  • Unfair deletion of other related material submitted by others such as reviews, descriptions etc.

These types of requests became more frequent resulting in additional wasted time and effort by staff and unfair consequence of removal of information from others. Furthermore, removal of project information is a detriment to the community. Removal of such information and project acknowledgment only hurts the community as a whole.

In meeting both the interest of staff duties (ultimately staff should only be screeners here) and best interest of the community, staff has agreed to change the policy to no longer be unconditional.

We feel we have come up with a reasonable policy that is fair to site, authors, and community. The new policy:

In the event a third party, in good faith, submitted your work without consent, you may request deletion via the Contact Staff Form. First party submissions imply permission to archive said work permanently and deletion requests without critical reasoning will be denied. The term ‘deletion’ guarantees file removal only. Entry information is considered RHDN public content and not included in removal.

In summary, we still respect unconditional deletion requests on material submitted to our site in good faith by third parties that an author may not have wished to appear here. However first party submissions by the author themselves will not be allowed to be deleted without very strong reasoning such as critical bug/s or something that will generally result in negative consequence by being available to the community.

Also of note is the fact that deletions only include files and do not include entry information or related RHDN public information in interest of data preservation, preventing redundancy, and best community service.

Feel free to discuss the new policy in the topic created by this post.

RHDN 2.1 Launches!

07 May 2008 1:07PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

The next significant upgrade to our site, RHDN 2.1, has launched! While several enhancements were made, the centerpiece of this update was the addition of user reviews to the Documents, Utilities, Translations, and Hacks sections. We want constructive, helpful reviews. It’s not a popularity contest or bandwagon hopping game. We won’t be afraid to reject user reviews that don’t follow the guidelines (available on any review form submission page).

Here is a sample of what we’d like to see as an average review on this site. Some purposes that could be served by the Reviews will be to weed out outdated items, recommend better alternatives, provide helpful user experiences etc..

RHDN 2.1 adds several bells and whistles and here they are:

  • User Reviews added to the Documents, Utilities, Translations, and Hacks sections. You can add or edit (your own) reviews right from the individual entry pages.
  • Extended Pages to list recent edits and new additions have been added for each section. Click the ‘More…’ links in the right hand bar for each section.
  • Added a Maintenance link so the public can further and more easily contribute to maintaining the integrity of our database.
  • Last modified dates were added to all major section to show when the last time an entry was edited.
  • A Submission Queue Status page was added on the Submit Files Page (at the bottom). Now you can see items currently in queue and the status of your submission.
  • A News Queue Status page was added on the Submit News Page (at the bottom). Now you can see items currently in queue and the status of your news submission.
  • Full and proper support was added for multiple authors on Translation entries. Secondary authors now come up correctly in searches and the Community Database will accurately reflect their work. Translators such as filler or Tomato who are attached to entries as a second (or beyond) author get the correct site exposure.

New Site and Forum Theme: Emumetall

21 February 2008 4:30PM EST - Update by Tauwasser

Site News

ExeLord has written a new site and forum theme called Emumetall.

It’s a cool dark blue theme and gives RHDN kind of a ZD-ish look :D So, give it a shot by selecting it from the drop down theme selection box at the top of this page!.

Blue Monkey Theme Added

29 January 2008 7:06PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

A new theme was added to the site entitled Blue Monkey. This theme was based on a concept Demi had for another site which inspired me to do an adaptation for our site. Thanks goes to Kiyoshi Aman for creating some new graphics since we didn’t have permission to use the ones from the original concept design. Thanks also to Killa B and Spikeman for some assistance with other aspects of the adaptation. I think it came out looking pretty nice. :)

For those of you that may be clueless, is available in 9 different themes, which are selectable right here on the main page via the drop down box! It still amazes me how many people come here and don’t know these features exist. So, feel free to try it out. To anybody who may have their own better ideas of how the site should look, perhaps you might be interested in making your own theme?

Note: BlueMonkey utilizes PNG files w/ transparency, which means IE6 and prior will choke on it.

RHDN Turns 2!

23 December 2007 10:02PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

Another big year has gone by for RHDN. With the launch of RHDN 2.0 back in June, community contributions went way up, and our database has grown significantly with the best documents, utilities, translations, hacks, and more for the ROM hacking community. RHDN has continued to succeed, prosper, and become ever more popular as the central hub of ROM hacking for ROM hackers and community supporters all across the globe.

Never before has such a global force of talented ROM hackers been assembled. We’ve got ROM hackers from most major countries around the world. Our forums are full of some of the brightest and most talented ROM hackers around the world exchanging help and information to keep the community strong, healthy, and growing! It’s really the ‘globalization’ of RHDN that was the biggest surprise to me for year 2.

This past year, RHDN has really started to meet many of it’s primary goals. The vision I had for RHDN is slowly becoming reality. But as far as we have come, there’s always plenty more road to travel. Site development will continue into 2008 as additional features, capabilities, and content will surely find a home on RHDN.

Another year, and another big ‘Thank You’ goes out to our hard working staff and all of you around the world that have contributed to our community. Everybody’s contribution counts. It will continue to take the efforts of all of us for RHDN to continue to grow, be kept up to date, and continue to be the best resource, social hub, and community tool available to us all.

This is our site. It’s user maintained. We all keep it’s heart pumping. As I said last year, as long as the community lives, so shall!

Author URL Bug - Need Your Help

06 December 2007 11:29AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

While looking at some code today, I discovered a bug that has had some significant effect on site information. Since the launch of RHDN 2.0, Translations, Hacks, and Documents submissions specifying a new author were not saving the Author URL when given.

So, if you have submitted anything to the site since June specifying a new author with URL, you should check the link for that author’s entry in the community database and add it if it’s not there. One important function of the community database is to let people know where people can be found or where to go for more information on a particular person. Missing information like this is detrimental to our community.

This is a good time in general to ask that we all partake in browsing through the community database and make sure author web page links and activity status are up to date and accurate. Ideally, we’d like the database to be an accurate snapshot of the community. Who’s currently active? Where is their web page? What projects have they done? What projects are they doing? It’s really for the benefit of all of us that we keep it as current and full as possible.

This bug has been fixed, so all future entries will be OK. Note that by default the community database shows ACTIVE members only. New authors added are also marked inactive by default to maintain database integrity that people marked active are definitely active. Please select ‘Any’ to see a full database listing.

New Submitted Documents and Utilities Added to the Database

02 June 2007 1:51AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

This is just a final wrap up of the last of the submissions approved to the database under the old system that RHDNBot would normally report.

Documents Approved:

Utilities Approved:

RHDN 2.0 Launches!

02 June 2007 2:04AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

Today marks the day of the next big step toward meeting the goals and ideals set forth for this site at it’s inception nearly a year and a half ago. Today we launch RHDN 2.0, a second incarnation of our site under the hood. What does this mean for you? It means quite a bit. Read on for the juicy details.

RHDN has always aimed to succeed where other similar sites have failed. RHDN’s goal is to be a community tool rather than just another archive web site. We believe the solution to succeed in the long run is to eliminate staff bottleneck and give you, the community members, the power you need to keep the site updated and going strong. With the launch of RHDN 2.0, we add the ability for you to update and maintain the database in wiki-like fashion, but with control and screening (edits will not be committed to the database without being approved) in place to prevent any abuse. We’d like to think it’s the best of both worlds.

Don’t be fooled. The site may look the same at first glance, but it’s been totally rewritten from the ground up. Take a look around and you’ll see many differences.

There is a cornucopia of new or enhanced features. Here are some of the most important features and enhancements:

  • Public wiki-like editing of all database related sections on the site, including entry preview for all forms.
  • Intelligent Form Validation and help on each field on the submission forms.
  • Revamped Community Database. Fully searchable with individual sub pages for each person or group listed.
  • In-site Document preview sub pages for all straight text documents.
  • Utility sub pages.
  • Revamped Help Wanted Ads section allows the creator to edit and delete the Ad.
  • Misc. section including RHDN Dictionary, Translation History and Abandoned Project Work Archive.
  • Automatic E-mail response on approval or rejection of submissions.
  • Games database section has been put up for public maintenance of the RHDN Game Database.
  • The public can now add to and maintain the Links section.

Because the site is all new, please be on the lookout for minor bugs or issues that may appear. If you are having any problems, questions, or notice any bugs, please report them in the Site Talk section of the forum or use the Contact Staff form.

We ask that you have a bit of patience with submissions in the early going while staff deal with any growing pains we may have with the new system. You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your submission being approved or deleted when your submission has been processed.

Enjoy RHDN 2.0. This is your tool. Only together as a community can we excel.

Happy First Birthday!

24 December 2006 4:19AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

You know I wouldn’t miss my own site’s birthday unless I had a good reason. I do. When you read this, I’ll be somewhere in Africa having just climbed the tallest freestanding mountain in the world or passed out trying! I will try and stop in and say hi if I come across an Internet terminal at an airport or on Zanzibar by the beach hotel. I’ll be back soon as long as I’m not eaten by Lions or other predators on safari and am still healthy! On to the speech!

Well, what can I say? The site is one year old already. This year has just flown by. When we started, I really had no idea if or how much this site would be accepted. It has surpassed all of my expectations. Some sections of our archive have doubled and tripled. We’ve had nearly 1.2 million unique visits in one year. I think that says something. It says we’ve woken up some of the members of this community sleeping in the corner. It says we’ve put a little bit of life, a little bit of unity, and a little bit of ‘community’ back into our ROMhacking world. With one good look at at our submission logs, as well as forum and site activity, it’s quite clear to me that this community is very much alive. I’d even go so far as to say it’s seen a bit of growth compared to recent years.

The content and features on the site have come far in the past year toward reaching the vision had for this site, but we’re not there yet. Site development and additional features will continue into 2007. We will continue to work toward our goal of putting more site functionality into your hands. Some site core revisions have been in the works to better facilitate allowing you to edit existing entries and keep our database up to date yourselves. It is our hopes that this approach will ensure is active and updated for a long, long time to come.

A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to our hard working staff and all of you that have contributed to our community whether it be submissions, bug reports, assisting in the decision making process, or just lending some comedic relief on the forum. ) One year is just the beginning of’s lifespan. It will continue to grow and be the most useful and up to date ROMhacking archive, news, and information site in the English speaking world as long as we as a community continue to utilize it and contribute to it. As long as the community lives, so shall!

RHDN Going Down for Upgrades

02 October 2006 4:42PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

This is an announcement that you may notice periods of time when the site is inaccessible or having intermittent connections. I plan on doing several semi-big server upgrades over the next few days whenever I have some spare time to do them. I may start as early as tonight. Read on for the details…

Some of the big upgrades that could attribute to problems with the site will of course be upgrading to the Apache 2 series webserver, PHP 5, and MySQL 5. We will also be undergoing a few security updates for other secondary software running here.

I will be updating the board topic associated with this update along the way. If you notice any issues or problems with the site, please report them there. If you can’t even reach the board, or there is catastrophic failure, don’t worry about reporting it because I will already know about that! ;)

Don’t worry, I’ve backed up the full contents of the server. In the event of catastrophic failure, I will restore the site as it was! So, let’s cross our fingers and hope I don’t screw it up!

OK, I’m being over dramatic. I don’t think we’ll have much trouble, but you never know and there’s always potential for minor headaches with server upgrades.

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