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Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League: Team Hacks 2014

12 December 2014 8:39PM EST - Update by Winged Cat

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League is the best fighting soccer game. But there are some unfinished things in the original game:

  • Only 6 teams of the total number 11 were available in versus mode.
  • Only 6 Japan players of the total number 12 were available in versus mode.
  • Goalkeepr bug - a jump of GK in an opposite direction when pressing A + B + UP/DOWN in some cases.

And now… we got a collection of Team Hacks!

Team Hack 2014 - the main core of other Team Hacks:

  • 6 teams are unlocked in versus and PK modes, except South Korea.
  • All players of Japan team are available in versus mode.
  • Partial fix of GK bug.
  • Now player can make super shot after jump with the ball on the maximum height (hard difficulty only)

Team Hack 2014 - 4P on field + Fast AI - All 4 players are on field, 2nd and 4th players are DF now. And all AI players can use fast run as human players. There is a lot of action, especially in the air!

Team Hack 2014 - 2P PK and Team Hack 2014 - 4P PK are the hacks intended for training of GK skills.

English Translation Fix - just the small fix of some text for the English translation.

Enjoy the netplay =)