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James Bond 007 Meets SMB1

30 June 2017 9:50PM EST - Update by emask

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Are you a fan of old 007 movies and retro gaming?

‘007 - You Only Live 2wice’ is a spoof of SMB1 offering a difficult challenge and complete re-imagining of an old classic. This ROM hack features new fireball mechanics (thanks Teeporage777), unique puzzles, and secrets.

  • Included in the download is a ‘Mission Briefing’ with extra challenges for the veteran Mario player (e.g., Can you beat level 3/4 without letting go of RIGHT on the DPAD?).
  • Also included is an optional ‘Easy Mode’ which plays slower than the original to allow new players an easier way to master each level.

Be the first to jump down a pipe–at your own calculated risk–and enjoy this iteration of SMB1!

And you thought “Christmas only comes once a year…”