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PS2 Shin Master of Monsters Final EX Project started

11 September 2013 8:33PM EST - Update by Nebelwurfer HQ

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

You can only re-fight WWII so many times, before it gets boring.

Nebelwurfer HQ’s next project is translating Shin Master of Monsters Final EX, a recent Fantasy themed Strategic game from Japan. In it, a Magician progresses through a series of battle maps while an overall story is gradually revealed. The key to the game is obtaining a force of Monsters that can be summoned onto the battlefield to fight. Different monster types can be recruited depending on the map square where the army camps between battles.

The main character and his monster army will gain experience and can evolve up to more formidable monster types over time. Also humanoid type monsters can be equipped with weapons, armor, and an item.

Thus far only the Tutorial maps and a handful of Campaign scenarios have been translated. However, this is sufficient to give you a feel for the game and follow-up patches will be released periodically as the translator progresses in the game.

There are 11 playable characters in the game, each with their own dialog trees. This translation will focus on the Soldier character. Perhaps others will step forward to translate the other character’s dialog trees.