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Aeon Genesis releases "Dicing Knight"

21 January 2007 12:20AM EST - Update by Gideon Zhi

Translations News

The gameplay making up Dicing Knight is a queer combination of hectic action and roguelike strategy. When you first start the game, you have one dungeon to go after (that of the Lindwurm) and you have one slot for an Orb, although you won’t have anything to put in it at first. After you complete the first dungeon you should have enough total experience to be level 2, and you can go after the next dungeon (and use the lottery ticket from the boss to acquire a powerup orb in a game of chance) and so the game progresses.

Sure, it’s simplistic in nature, but it’s one hell of a lot of fun. You unlock another game mode for completing it, and there’s a huge bonus dungeon as well. It’s all randomly generated as most roguelikes are, but it removes a lot of the element of chance by running everything in realtime and giving you almost complete control over your destiny. All in all, Dicing Knight is a fantastic game, and is not to be missed!

You can get the translation at Aeon Genesis or in our database here.

The translation is complete, but untested. Please let the folks at AGTP know if there are any problems with it!

New Submitted Documents Added to the Database

15 January 2007 12:46PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Documents News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Documents have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Cardcaptor Sakura Progress

12 January 2007 6:22AM EST - Update by Rhys Cox

Translations News

I’ve been making loads of progress with this game with help from Normmatt, Spikeman and Labmaster and I’ve now got quite a few preliminary script dumps finished and a Variable Width Font that can be seen from screenshots.

I still need Kanji identified so I can finish off my table file, and there’s already around 70kb worth of script with the possibility of there being much more, so I’m now at the stage where I can begin requesting help from a translator, if anyone’s interested just email me.

The game’s looking really good with the new font so it’d be a shame to waste it!

YnT: Arabian Nights Script revision & poll

11 January 2007 6:31AM EST - Update by kammedo

Translations News

The Arabian Nights script revision is underway! Currently 96% of the script is translated, the missing 4% is being taken care by Hector. Also, a small poll about future use of dumped scripts requires your attention!

SMW - The Second Reality Project 2 Released

09 January 2007 1:45PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

ROM Hacks News

FPI Productions has announced the release of one of the most diverse and unique SMW hacks seen in a long while. It’s also the sequel to a previous top quality SMW hack. Nothing like raising the bar for yourself! It’s got some of the most diverse levels I’ve seen in hack including a Kirby level, Sonic the Hedgehog level, and a Tetris level! I’m talking about SMW - The Second Reality Project 2!

The paltry two images shown here do not do this hack justice. You should head on over to the project’s homepage and check out the many screen shots there. This game has been hacked from top to bottom and much attention to detail has been paid here with all new backgrounds, levels, new music, a large diverse cast of enemies, custom blocks, story and more.

You’ll also find many bits of graphics from several other classic games along with plenty of secrets to keep you busy. It’s the coming together of many different things that makes for a nice melting pot of fun, although it can get difficult at times like most SMW hacks.

RHDN Second Reality 2 Page

New Submitted Utilities Added to the Database

08 January 2007 1:52PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Utilities News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Utilities have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Ys II Complete English Patch has been updated to v1.02

08 January 2007 1:47PM EST - Update by Special T

Translations News

NightWolve has released an update to his Ys II complete patch. Lots of great improvements, read below for the details.

Version 1.02 (01/05/2007):

  • 1-2 minor script corrections
  • Removed the last vestiges of “YS ETERNAL” in favor of “YS COMPLETE” for the title screen and ending,
  • If you bought the new Ys I&II Complete bundle from Falcom recently and received a “Version is unknown… This patch cannot help you…” error message preventing you from patching, that has now been fixed.
  • Added version checking. The patcher will check the server for newer versions and prompt you to download if present.
  • Added a RTF ReadMe file that’s viewable within the patcher pre-installation.
  • Removed all references to the now defunct RIGG/”Retro ISO Gaming Guild” in the game’s ending and in the ReadMe.
  • Recompiled installation script with the latest NSIS 2.22 version.

RHDN Ys I Patch Page

RHDN Ys II Patch Page

New Kanon translation project announced

07 January 2007 12:18AM EST - Update by Moogy

Translations News

After Haeleth announced that he was dropping the Kanon translation project, many people were disappointed. Well, have no fear, because a new group, Non-Directional Translations has picked up where he left off. Using Haeleth’s script as a base (with permission), they’ve completed much of the game. They are currently in alpha testing, and expect a release before the anime finishes airing - in 3 months or so.

Kanon is a visual novel, along the lines of Tsukihime. Note that this project is for the RealLive version, or Standard Edition. The original version of the game, the AVG version, is currently not supported by this project.

SMD BIN WIN 1.0 Released

02 January 2007 7:32PM EST - Update by VectorMan

Utilities News

VectorMan has released SMD BIN WIN 1.0. SMD BIN WIN is a file converter for SMD files. It converts SMD files to Binary format with ease. It has a completely visual interface that was designed to be easy to use, so you can do conversions in a few clicks.

You can download SMD BIN WIN 1.0 from here

Blaster Master: Pimp your Ride

02 January 2007 10:48AM EST - Update by Jigglysaint

ROM Hacks News

Jigglysaint has released version 1.1 of his new Blaster Master hack entitled Blaster Master: Pimp your Ride.

The main feature of this hack is that 8 new upgrades have been added into the game, on top of the 7 that already exist. This makes for a combined 15 upgrades. What each new upgrade does is a secret. Most will be needed in order to finish the game.

The game also features level edits. The first two tank levels have been re-done, and the others have recieved minor updates in order to show off the new upgrade features.