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Garoth Moulinoski's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
TranslationsSadly Underappreciated...Garoth Moulinoski2012-05-04 06:11:53
TranslationsChoices, Choices, ChoicesGaroth Moulinoski2011-12-02 22:20:35
TranslationsThose blasted dungeons!!Garoth Moulinoski2009-10-27 09:25:34
TranslationsOh, so that's what that was...Garoth Moulinoski2009-10-27 09:25:20
TranslationsBetter than the NES oneGaroth Moulinoski2009-10-26 23:44:51
TranslationsThis is a fan translation?!Garoth Moulinoski2009-10-26 08:51:57