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13 October 2000 - Reflection by Toma


I would have to call this game my baby. I went through a lot to get it Englished up, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Translators for this thing seemed to be cursed for the longest time, and I’d like to thank everyone who helped out. It all kinda started with me and blah and chocoman and ryuukishi on irc screwing around with the item/magic/monster list and tryng to get it as english as possible. blah made some prelimary dumps and junk, and i searched for a translator. robyn volunteered to help, but then something happened (can’t rememebr what) and he lost all his work and gave up and moved away and got his life back together or something. so i screwed around some more, and maht came on board and translated like half the script or 2/3 or something and i was happy, but then he stopped and didn’t finish. then chess piece face was gonna help, but something happened there too. anyway, in the end zackamn finished it up for me and i editted the thing all to crap and released it and people beta tested it and stuff. it was all pretty cool. oh yeah, when i started out hacking the thing i used my msdos editor method. that’s funny! hahaha!