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Motocross Champion

10 November 2001 - Reflection by InVerse


This was the first solo project that I ever started and it took nearly 3 years to complete. It wasn’t that the game was exceptionally difficult because it wasn’t. It’s just that I would lose interest or run into a snag or not ROM hack for nearly a year due to lack of WinDos access. Anywayz, I chose the project because of it’s similarities to and improvement over Excitebike. Anybody who enjoys Excitebike should certainly enjoy this game once they’ve played it long enough to get the play control down.

As for the hacking itself, there wasn’t a lot worthy of anecdoting. It used 2 different tables and had a small bit of text that used a 3rd font that took me a long f’ing time to uncover. It’s also slightly annoying that if you press any button during the intro, it skips to the game select screen, so most ppl will never actually see the title screen I hacked, not that it’s a particularly good title screen or anything. Anywayz, hopefully somebody enjoys the game. I do, at least, and that’s all the counts.