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Sanrio Cup: Pon Pon Volley

20 May 2001 - Reflection by Spinner 8


When Ponpon was first released, it was at version 0.85, because Musashi didn’t want to bother with the signposts. He had some information on where all the data was in the rom and stuff, but it was so damned time-consuming that he just released it as is, and if anyone wanted to finish up the signs, just email him and he’d send you all the necessary stuff. After playing this game for donut, I figured that I was just the person for the task, since I wasn’t doing a damn thing anyways. And so began the long, sad Tale of the Ponpon Signs…

I emailed Musashi a while back about doing some Reflections for donut, but he never wrote back so I just said “damn what a bastard” and dismissed him as being cool, as is everyone else who doesn’t submit Reflections. People need insight, dammit!! But on with the actual story please! I emailed Musashi and said I was interested (I think that’s what I did) and so began our little friendship. I guess Musashi’s gone his own way and stuff, but I still miss him. :( Not like it was a real friendship or anything, we just talked about stuff. But he was cool. Oh, the Reflection! Let me go on with that. He said that I was more than welcome to work on it, but he couldn’t actually give me any help, because he had lost all his work on it! Arg! It really would’ve helped too, it took a long time to figure out how the letters were stored. It’s actually really easy, since it just looks (to me) like your typical 16×16 text, but DAMN that was hard to figure out on my own. I’m not very good at this “hacking” thing, as some of you may very well know. Anyway, from the way it was all laid out, I could’ve made really big 16×16 letters (yuk), made 8×16 letters in groups of 2 (yuk), or made 8×8 letters in groups of 2×2 (YUK). I settled with the 8×16, since it would look kinda cool. Ballz was very nice and made an 8×16 font for me to use, and then I sat on the project for a few months, because I’m a lazy unmotivated little bitch. When I WAS motivated however, I poked at it for a couple hours every week (month). Musashi translated the one part of Japanese I didn’t know, so I really had no excuse. The hard part was grouping the text together by twos, since because of the 16×16 layout, it was either that or do some weird assembly-level modifications. I assume. Like I said, I’m an idiot. Here’s an example: I had to make the word “MATCH” into three 16×16 sets: one was “M” (which was too big to fit into an 8×16 space), one was “AT”, and one was “CH”. Make sense? Probably not. I’m not good at explaining things. Please kill me.

Anyway, I was finally done, and I was about ready to tackle some of the commentator gibberish that I found in the game. I was just about to reformat my computer, so I sent the sign patch to Musashi for safekeeping, in case something went wrong. I told him I wasn’t done yet, but he could do whatever he wanted with it. And a few days later when I got my internet connection running again, I found out that the bastard had gone and released the patch! :) I couldn’t find the commentator text either, so I left it, and here is the (somewhat) finished product. This game kicks so much ass! Too bad I suck though.