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    Added the following features: - All the shine sprite models have been tinted green, including the ones on the episode select menus and the monument one in Delfino Plaza. - The Shadow Mario wanted poster in Delfino Airstrip has been changed to a wanted poster of Shadow Luigi. - Various shine sprite images have been tinted green. Updated the list of things it still needs by adding these previously unmentioned problems: - The FLUDD nozzles don't always render correctly. - The Luigi model lacks many of the texture-altering features of the original Mario model, such as visibly getting dirty from the goop or closing his eyes when he goes to sleep. - The level entry portals are still "M"s instead of "L"s. - The goop originally at Delfino Airstrip is still in the shape of a Mario head with an "M" above it instead of a Luigi head with an "L" above it. I also added in the description that people should explain how they created the new assets they make for this mod to me so I can more easily alter them if necessary. And I changed two of the pictures to show off the newly green tinted shine sprite models and textures.
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    Change title to make it easier to find. Correct a couple of misspellings in the description.
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    Changed the timer from 400 to 500, since most of the levels are quite long.
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    Current instructions regarding the rom to hack are incorrect and the resulting patched rom is broken

Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou

4 March 2000 - Reflection by jiji


Well…hmm..this all started back almost two years ago in April or May of 1998 when I was pretty heavily into emulation (I know, I know…I was a romh kiddie ;p). and I started to get interested in how the process of translation went on. I downloaded demi’s hacking document from Multiple Demiforce (I think that’s what it was called back then) and the rest was history. I messed around with a few different games until I came upon the Nekketu High School series of Famicom games. I found a full translation of Nekketu Hockey that had been done by TransBRC. However, after picking through the Japanese rom with my piddly Japanese language skills, it became apparent that TransBRC’s patch was not a translation at all, but rather an “englishization.” I emailed one of the project members about this and it turned out that the “translator” had based the English text for the hack on a GamePro review of an English version of the game (which was never released, incidentally). So, I took it upon myself to bring the world a “true” translation of the game. :) I set to work hacking it little by little, doing a title screen and graphical stuff here and there and translating mostly by screenshots. Finally I managed to make a proper dump of the script and I made a post on demi’s board saying that I was looking for a translator. Well, Moose responded to my post saying he was interested, so I sent the script off to him and he went to work on it. After he was done, I spent the summer shoving the English text back into the game little by little (no script insertion here…I still mostly went off screenshots) and testing the game. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the way the translation turned out, especially for my first hack. This was a fun project because the game is just a blast to play and is full of slapstick humor. I’m glad to have worked on it. I just wish I had more time to work on projects like it. It was a rewarding experience and I just had a really great time doing it. :) Thanks a lot to Moose and anyone whose documents helped me to get started on this project. Peace out! ^_^