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Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3

19 February 2001 - Reflection by Kitsune Sniper


A long long time ago, a 19-year old kid calling himself Kitsune Sniper stumbled upon emulation. After a while, I found out about translation patches. Of course, I thought that it would be a subject that I would never master at the time… so I wandered around Zophar’s Domain for a while, trying to see the latest patch releases.

After some time had passed, I heard of the attempts at translating the Dragon Ball Z games. I visited some of the sites, and asked the owner of DragonBallZ Translations (Vincent) if I could translate the english script of the games he was working on to spanish. He agreed, and I got to work. (These patches are available in my site still, though I dropped the translations after finding out that one of the veteran spanish translation groups, Paladin Knights Translations, was working on the games.) Well, Vincent quit his work on the games, and I volunteered to continuing his work. He agreed, and gave me all his materials.

So I started to work on this. I posted at ZD that I needed some translators, and I got some replies almost immediately. I dumped the script and sent it to the translators, and they sent it back within a week (I think). There wasn’t really much text, just about 5 K of broken french. The translators told me that Bandai did a horrible job at translating the script, and that they did the best they could. I took the script, edited it, and reinserted it by hand. No fancy inserters for me, I had to add a line, save the rom, and reload it to see the changes. IT WAS HELL! O_o

So this game was a huge learning experience for me. And I have definitely moved on since then, right? Right? ^^;