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3 December 2000 - Reflection by Gideon Zhi


Well, Monstania. This game was my pride and joy for quite some time… It’s a strategy RPG, but it’s not bulky like a lot of them are, it moves quickly, and it’s fairly short. What the hell, why not, right? As if the Noriyuki Iwadare’s score wasn’t enough to convince me :)

Two people get credit for telling me about Monstania: Zatos and satsu. Satsu’s got a review of the Japanese version up on RPGd somewhere, and I noticed the game in Zatos’ showcase one day while browsing through. I mentioned it to satsu… he’d apparently done a little bit of work on it, and was thinking of doing a menu patch or somesuch. Maybe translating the first few battles. But nothing else…

So I bugged him about it and got the table off of him :) Then we needed to get the kanji for the game… after waiting about a month for mountaingoat to do ‘em all (he’d offered, after all) akujin popped up on satsu’s board one day with a raw of _all_ of the kanji. Needless to say, I worked on Monstania that day :) satsu helped get the kanji into a table for the (at the time) Japanese-text-display-support deprived me, and I got the script dumped and off to Zackman, the translator. It was pretty rough when it came back, and it was BIG, message-number-wise, so I wrote a small utility to aid insertion, and I rewrote some of the script. Oh, and somewhere in there, Necrosaro helped me change the pointer routine into a much more useful algorithm that let me access text no matter where it happened to be :)

At this point, the script was still fairly rough and my “tool” wasn’t exactly easy to use. When I commisioned Wildbill to do a rewrite, he suggested a “custom” script inserter, and asked Taskforce to write one. Monstania actually became the guinea pig project of Taskforce’s excellent inserter, Gizmo. After quite some time, the script revisions were complete, and the beta was shipped off to testers. When the day of release finally came, I was seriously teary-eyed… at once happy that such a great project was complete, a major milestone for my group, and saddened that I wouldn’t be able to work on it anymore…. But then, there’re still the multilingual releases :)

One complete patch and two bugfixes later, here we are!