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Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust: Kieta Shoujo

24 April 2000 - Reflection by Taskforce


Well, there is a timeline in the Villgust NFO file so if you want to know why I got involved with the project and stuff like that, read it :P I’d like to take the time to talk about other things here.

First off, this has been my favorite translation project to date. I liked the story that was presented in this game for some reason, and some of the gameplay mechanics were also interesting even though the game’s overall play mechanics were a bit old for the SNES. This game still had some things I’d like to see more of. The biggest one is the monsters giving you no experience or completely disappearing after a certain level. This forces you to move forward. That was so cool.

The story was standard RPG fare I guess, but for some reason I enjoyed it more than a lot of RPG’s. For one thing, I had in my mind an exact picture of how these characters should act. While staying true to the plot, I still tried to really bring out their personalities. I hope I succeeded. The story was a fun little romp. With a good plot twist or two and I just really enjoyed it. Call me weird :)

Besides the fact that my two main teammates are some of the best friends you could ask for and this project is where we met.

Anyway, I think no matter what translations I do in the future, this will always be my favorite.