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Super Daisenryaku

20 June 2002 - Reflection by Dave


A long time ago, I bought Iron Storm for the Sega Saturn, it was part of the popular war series known as Daisenryaku. Working Designs brought it over to the US along with their traditional nice shiny instruction booklet, in the back of the book they mentioned about a PC-Engine CD version of the game and with some screenshots to boot.

Iron Storm was set during WW2 and was a very addicting game to play, however it’d be nice to play a game that was set in the present, and thats the setting of Super Daisenryaku. After some attempts at various other Daisenryaku games for different consoles, I decided to settle on the PC-engine CD version.

The game was very very easy to work with and translation was a breeze! There was not too much text other than translating menu commands and military weapons. It took about 2 weeks to fully complete the game, other than a few lines in which I asked Tomato for help, I pretty much did everything myself.