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4 April 2001 - Reflection by Darian


Adventures of Valecule (not the right translation, but that’s what I wanna call it :P), my first project. The correct translation is like “Adventures of Valkyrie”, which I figured out when I got Valkyrie’s helmet >_<. Anyways, I will always hate this game's one room until the day I die :P. Stupid Namcot should learn how to code I HATE YOU $#^@#!!!! Anyways... this project was probably close to 3 years in the making (I’m a lazy bastard... sue me :P). I had found the ROM a few years ago on some website which I can't even remember anymore (the only thing I really remember about it was it had a link to Ballzysoft Industries, which was a badass site). I kept telling myself I was going to take the time to actually sit down and play with the ROM... Well, I procrastinated for 3 years. Later, I ended up joining Some Good Shit Translations as their beta tester. I felt pretty worthless just sitting there doing nothing until Sniggih (to those who may not know, that’s Patrick Higgins/Higgy/MASTAH HIGGINZ/Pat||Wasted/Watermelon God/whatever) got done with something so I could actually test it (damn you, Sniggih), so I told myself "What the hell... Valecule must be hacked!" So, this time, I actually got around to *gasp* hacking the ROM (with Sniggih help). I had taken screens and asked the Translation Machine DDS to translate (which he did, thankfully... for less than minimum wage), as the game had little text. Actually, it had no text. Just a little character creation screen and an evil room with stuff like "HP" and "Magic". Eventually, I hit some stumbles (because Namcot coded badly, in my opinion :P) and got some help from Sniggih (who was probably NOT working on Megami Tensei 2 at the time :P). It was a badly coded room, the bane of our lives for two days. So he helped me finish it up and taught me what I had to do and stuff (yay for ballzy tables). So, I guess I owe Sniggih or something... (Nah. :P) For the most part, Valecule will be somewhat of a special project to me... it was both the first project I decided to work on, and the first one I completed. I’ve learned a lot from this project. I’ve learned that Sniggih was always correct in complaining about Namcot. I’ve learned a few useful things about ROM Hacking (actually, Sniggih did too-Ballzy tables). I’ve also learned that even in English, this game makes absolutely no sense. So yay Valecule... now go back to ignoring it like I know you all are :P.