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Chuka Taisen

4 December 2000 - Reflection by imx


I started this small project as I was in the middle of translating Western Kids before I was notified that it was already translated! GRRRRRRRRRRR! At that time Zackman was translating Western Kids for me so I asked him if he would translate the little text there was in the game. So I dumped and formatted the script and sent it to him. Lo and behold about 20 minutes later I had the translated script back. So I inserted it and thought I was finished. I beat the game and I noticed I had forgotten to send the ending to Zackman. Stupid mistake because Zackman had just left for collage. Chuka Taisen was now in rom hacking limbo as I searched for another translator. Did I sure get lucky? Just as I needed a translator Mo. opened up the Rom. Hacking Translation board(which died a short death later) and a couple days after I posted the script I need translated Mo. kindly translated it for me. It was Ice Trans’ first complete project, So I “Choose The Amazing Good Magic.” YAY FOR ME!