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Title AscendingReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDateLang
Lufia: Curse of the SinistralsgadesxRole Playing > Action RPGNDSFully Playable1.108 Aug 2011ES
NostalgiagadesxRole PlayingNDSFully Playable1.006 Dec 2013ES
Rally de EuropegadesxRacingPSXFully Playable1.019 Mar 2012ES
Soul of the SamuraigadesxAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.020 Mar 2010ES
T.R.A.G. - Tactical Rescue Assault Group: Mission of MercygadesxAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.0b23 Dec 2010ES
Wild ArmsgadesxRole PlayingPSXFully Playable1.006 Mar 2013ES
Wild Arms 2gadesxRole PlayingPSXFully Playable1.0120 Dec 2014ES