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    Updated screenshot.
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    Update v1.1 Improved some of Tina's sprites
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    V1.1: Fixed options and ship selection.
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    I made an unfair review before based on some super subjective issues I had. The author reached out to me to not only thank me for my lack of recommendation but offered to even help me make the changes to make it what I wanted (I had done this before but some of the newer changes would have taken a lot more time to revert/change). But I was not being honest with myself that I wouldn't recommend the romhack after I literally followed it for 2 years on the forum. It deserves recommendations even if its to use as a base for your own personal changes.

Lab 313



Our group writes: compressors, decompressors, extractors, inserters for console games (primary, Sega Genesis).

If you are interested in such utils, feel free to post your request at our forum.



(LZKN) Konami LZ Compression ToolsGENMultiple Games
Beam Software Compression ToolGENMultiple Games
Codemasters BinImageGENMultiple Games
Factor5 LZ ToolGENN/A
Gens r57shell ModGENN/A
Gensida DebuggerGENN/A
I.T.L Games CompressorGENMultiple Games
LemmSFX2WAVPSXLemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings
LemmspritePSXLemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings
LZToshio (Toshio Toyota Compressor)GENN/A
PB Archives Extractor ToolPSXFront Mission 2
PsxIda IDA PS1 DebuggerPSXN/A
RNC ProPackEDMultipleMultiple Games
SMD LZCapTsuGENTecmo Cup Football Game
TF3 ToolGENThunder Force III
TFSViewerPSXDigimon World
The Lost Vikings Archive ManagerGENThe Lost Vikings
The Lost Vikings Language SelectorGENThe Lost Vikings
Thunder Force 3 EditorGENThunder Force III
Thunder Force V PAC ToolPSXThunder Force V: Perfect System
Tiny Toon Compression ToolGENTiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure