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Knows French and English.

Project threads (Mostly to translate PC Engine games into French):



2 Translations
Märchen Maze (FR)TG16Fully Playable22 Oct 2012
Märchen Maze (EN)TG16Fully Playable21 Oct 2012

2 Hacks
Formation Soccer Human Cup '92TGCDImprovement01 Nov 2016
Final Match Tennis LadiesTGCDImprovement29 Oct 2016


3 Translations
Human Sports Festival (EN)Original HackingFinal Match Tennis Ladies patch
Märchen Maze (FR)Original Hacking
Märchen Maze (EN)Hacking

3 Hacks
Final Match Tennis LadiesOriginal HackingFinal Match Tennis Ladies patch
Formation Soccer Human Cup '92Hacking
Final Match Tennis LadiesHacking