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    Updated Japanese Upgrade Patch to v1.1a and updated the readme. Since the translation patch itself is completely unchanged, I've left the version number as is to avoid confusion for most users. (Japanese Upgrade Patch applies only the bugfixes from the translation without the translation itself.)
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    several revisions making my old update moot point and needed to relook at the game since the owner has fixed or made better some of my issues i had with the older version and felt the need to make it a more fair review with said revisions
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    Smaller fixes in "Author" and "Description" fields.




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1 Hack
Sonic Winter AdventuresGENComplete28 Apr 2013


5 Hacks
Sonic ERaZorHacking
Sonic 1 Color ContrastHacking
Sonic Winter AdventuresHacking
Metal Sonic Hyperdrive (2011)HackingDestroy Enemy = Ring code (only for Sonic)
Stella the CatHacking