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I am currently engaged in translating the neo geo titles that never had a chance to reach the states or the UK. So Look forward to seeing those titles soon from me.



6 Translations
Kikou Seiki Unitron (EN)NGPCUnfinished10 May 2015
Cool Cool Jam (EN)NGPCUnfinished01 Dec 2013
Nige-Ron-Pa (EN)NGPCUnfinished01 Dec 2013
Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Shashinkan (EN)NGPCUnfinished01 Dec 2013
Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden (EN)GBUnfinished24 Mar 2013
Densetsu no Ogre Battle Gaiden: Zenobia no Ouji (EN)NGPCUnfinished28 Feb 2013


12 Translations
Kikou Seiki Unitron (EN)Script Editing/Revision
Kikou Seiki Unitron (EN)Translation
Kikou Seiki Unitron (EN)Graphics
Zoids: Mokushiroku (EN)GraphicsTitle Screen Graphics
Nige-Ron-Pa (EN)Production
Cool Cool Jam (EN)Production
Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Shashinkan (EN)Production
Pocket Monsters: Green Version (EN)GraphicsTitle Screen Modification
Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden (EN)HackingAlso translation.
Densetsu no Ogre Battle Gaiden: Zenobia no Ouji (EN)Graphics