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BR Translations was a romhacking and translation group that translate games into Portuguese. That group is entirely separate from another similarly named group: ‘BR Traduções’ that was founded in 2008 instead of this one’s 2001. Members: Raph_friend, Aniquilador^, Tio_Fu, Ryu_1, |Mestre_Yoda|, ||-BreaK-||, __Andrey__

Projects done by this group:

Translations of old emulators:

  • Callus 95 (Multi Arcade-Emu. 100%.)
  • Final Burn (CPS-1 Board Emu. 100%.)



2 Translations
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (PT)GBFully Playable28 Aug 2001
Harvest Moon (PT)GBFully Playable07 Apr 2001