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    I'd uploaded an incorrect ips file of another game called dynamite duke. Now it's the correct patch
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    Actually included the ips file in this folder! Whoops.
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    Wrong release date.
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    Amending my review due to misconstruing what the patch does, at first. I assumed one of the patches retained the armor graphics and changed the palette, which it actually doesn't do.

Bruce Tomlin



This man single-handedly ported the 1987 SG-1000 version of the 1984 Japanese-only PC-88 game The Black Onyx to the very old Colecovision system (Sold between 1982-1985) and made an English translation for it despite doing so in 2007! Even so, this work was not done (Team Pixelboy completed it in 2013).

But another person by the name of kingofcrusher (Of SSTranslations‘ fame) discovered that translation work and set upon to back-port it to the SG-1000 version of that game. In the process he made a couple patches - one with the translation only and one with it and gameplay/visual enhancements.





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The Black Onyx (EN)Hacking