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Ice Man



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DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken (DE)SNESDo-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's Quest
Famicom Wars (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Final Fantasy III (DE)SNESFinal Fantasy VI
Mega Man 7 (DE)SNESRockman 7: Shukumei no Taiketsu!
Mega Man X (DE)SNESRockman X
Mega Man X2 (DE)SNESRockman X2
Mega Man X3 (DE)SNESRockman X3
Rockman & Forte (DE)SNESMega Man & Bass
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti (DE)NESSplatterhouse: Super Deformed
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (DE)NESNo Alternate Title

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 MSU-1SNESF-Zero
Dragon Ball - Shen Long no Nazo (Mapper Fix)NESDragon Power
Koko Adventure (MMC3 Conversion)NESBuzz & Waldog
Mario's Journey Through Time & SpaceSNESSuper Mario World
NBA Jam 2k17 (Fixed Menu)SNESNBA Jam: Tournament Edition
Super Mario World - Bowser's ReturnSNESSuper Mario World
Toad's WorldSNESSuper Mario World

1 Homebrew
Skipp & FriendsSNESFull Games


Final Fantasy III (DE)TranslationTitle Screen Restoration
Mega Man X (DE)HackingSmall hacking of some graphics & characters
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (DE)HackingPort to PAL Zelda II

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 MSU-1Hacking
Mario's Journey Through Time & SpaceHacking
NBA Jam 2k17 (Fixed Menu)Hacking
Toad's WorldHacking