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Final Fantasy IV hacker. His avatar shows the character ‘Adelbert Steiner‘, a party member in Final Fantasy IX.



FFIV - Break Damage LimitSNESFinal Fantasy II
Final Fantasy IV - Critical Hit FixSNESFinal Fantasy II
Final Fantasy IV User OptionsSNESFinal Fantasy II


FFIV - Break Damage LimitHackingDamage Display
Final Fantasy IV - Critical Hit FixHacking
Final Fantasy IV - UltimaHackingCritical Hit bug fix, Improved Sprint function, Multiple Swing mod, SFX fix
Final Fantasy IV Namingway EditionHackingUser Options, B Button Dash, new Title Screen
Final Fantasy IV User OptionsHacking
Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness WithinHackingHacking assistance & Critical Hit Fix patch
Project II: Final Fantasy IVHackingEnhancements and bug fix
Unprecedented CrisisHackingSpace VFX modification, Dash command