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    Version 1.4 was released, I looked at it and compared it with the earlier version and the original. Therefore, I decided to " update my opinion about this creation"
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    Found the original archive of "Super Mario All-Stars NES (3-24-20).zip", which contains both version of the patch (for playing on hardware and on emu). The previous v3-24-20 patch was just creating the version for emulators (same as "Super Mario All-Stars NES (emu_v3-24-20).ips").
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    adding my information and logo
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Two Spanish language translation project threads:




3 Translations
EarthBound (ES)SNESFully Playable29 Mar 2019
Star Fox 2 (EN)SNESAddendum23 Oct 2017
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (ES)SNESFully Playable06 Nov 2016

2 Hacks
Super Mario RPG songs PAL patchSNESComplete31 Mar 2016
Super Mario RPG PAL 50HzSNESImprovement26 Mar 2015


2 Translations
EarthBound (ES)TranslationCastilian translation
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (ES)HackingHacking & Translation

2 Hacks
Super Mario RPG songs PAL patchHacking
Super Mario RPG PAL 50HzHacking