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MOTHER 3 Italian translator and hacker. A person who knows ASM, C, C++, Java and PHP. A bit chaotic.

Twitter, GitHub, (Italian forum), Starmen’s forum (Earthbound / MOTHER series), GBATemp.



2 Utilities
Shantae GBC Text Extractor and InjectorGBScript Extraction / Insertion11 Jul 2019
Mother 3 RandomizerGBAGame Specific05 Oct 2016

2 Translations
Shantae (IT)GBFully Playable12 Jun 2017
Mother 3 (IT)GBAFully Playable07 Aug 2016


3 Translations
Shantae (FR)HackingTranslation tools and additional help
Shantae (IT)HackingScript revision and various hacking
Mother 3 (IT)TranslationAll the translation, graphic and hacking extra work.

2 Hacks
Castlevania Adventure (Konami Col. Autoboot Hack)HackingSelect button removal hack
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (Konami Col. Autoboot Hack)HackingSelect button modification hack