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American Gladiators MMC1 to MMC3NESAmerican Gladiators
Blades of Steel team hackNESBlades of Steel
Blades of Steel UNROM to MMC3NESBlades of Steel
Bomberman II MMC1 to MMC3NESBomberman II
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Excitebike 7 mapsFDSVs. Excitebike
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Magic Jewelry II to MMC3NESMagic Jewelry II
Mini Putt MMC1 to MMC3NESMini Putt
Nekketsu Sports TournamentsNESKunio 8-in-1
Pinball NROM to MMC3NESPinball
Pinball Quest MMC1 to MMC3NESPinball Quest
Puyo Puyo MMC1 to MMC3NESPuyo Puyo
Quarth CNROM to MMC3NESQuarth
Race America MMC1 to MMC3NESRace America
Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular MMC1 to MMC3NESSnoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular!
Tecmo World Cup Soccer NEXTNESTecmo World Cup Soccer
Tom & Jerry (and Tuffy) - Cheese It!NESTom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse!
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