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Russian ROM Hacker.



17 Hacks
Aliens (FDS) Fix HackFDSImprovement29 Dec 2017
Snow Brothers - Return of the King ScorchNESComplete11 Jan 2017
Dragon's Lair - Completely PlayableNESAddendum11 Jan 2017
Ultimate Stuntman - Improved VersionNESImprovement14 Dec 2016
Makaimura Arcade Conversion - Fair PlayNESAddendum09 Dec 2016
Felix The Cat: Trapped in Donald LandNESImprovement05 Nov 2016
Home Alone - Improved VersionNESImprovement02 Nov 2016
Mega ForceNESImprovement19 Oct 2016
Boat RaceNESComplete19 Sep 2016
Penguin & Seal - Diamonds of ArcticNESImprovement12 Sep 2016


17 Hacks
Aliens (FDS) Fix HackHackingGraphics, levels, title screen, palette
Snow Brothers - Return of the King ScorchHacking
Dragon's Lair - Completely PlayableHackingHacking.
Ultimate Stuntman - Improved VersionHacking
Makaimura Arcade Conversion - Fair PlayHackingHacking
Felix The Cat: Trapped in Donald LandHackingGraphics, text, level fixing and other hacking.
Home Alone - Improved VersionHackingHacking.
Mega ForceHackingFixing palettes and graphics, testing, other small hacking.
Boat RaceHackingGraphics, text, title screen and other.
Penguin & Seal - Diamonds of ArcticHackingGraphics, text, level hacking