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Adjust Enemy DifficultySNESSecret of Mana
Alternate KaronSNESSecret of Mana
Balance Spell MP CostSNESSecret of Mana
Better Default Text BoxesSNESSecret of Mana
Different Boss Music for Buffy and Dread SlimeSNESSecret of Mana
Drop Table BalanceSNESSecret of Mana
Earlier Midge MalletSNESSecret of Mana
Early LunaSNESSecret of Mana
Equipment Progression BalanceSNESSecret of Mana
Faerie CoconutSNESSecret of Mana
Faster or Slower Spell GrindingSNESSecret of Mana
Faster Weapon GrindingSNESSecret of Mana
Fix Barrel Frame GlitchesSNESSecret of Mana
Gaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling BackSNESSecret of Mana
Harder Final BossSNESSecret of Mana
Herbal BoostSNESSecret of Mana
Later Midge MalletSNESSecret of Mana
Level 9 Weapons Progression BalanceSNESSecret of Mana
Magical HerbSNESSecret of Mana
More Useful Evil GateSNESSecret of Mana
Neko and Watts in the Mana FortressSNESSecret of Mana
Neko in the Underground CitySNESSecret of Mana
No HP Restored At Level UpSNESSecret of Mana
No Missable MonstersSNESSecret of Mana
No MusicSNESSecret of Mana
Overworld Hidden TreasureSNESSecret of Mana
Remove Barrels on RunSNESSecret of Mana
Remove Empire Castle Gate PermanentlySNESSecret of Mana
Restore Unused FanfaresSNESSecret of Mana
Reverse MP Absorb on Evil and Undead MonstersSNESSecret of Mana
Tricked Out from the StartSNESSecret of Mana
Watts in the Haunted ForestSNESSecret of Mana