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Diogo Ribeiro



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3 Translations
DOOM (PT)32XFully Playable13 Jan 2020
Mega Man 7 (PT)SNESFully Playable31 May 2019
Mega Man II (PT)GBFully Playable25 Apr 2019

5 Hacks
Battlezone 2000 - Secret ModeLYNXComplete27 Nov 2020
Samurai Shodown - Hanzo Ending FixGGBug Fix11 Nov 2020
OutRunners RestorationGENImprovement01 Mar 2020
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedSegaCDImprovement22 Feb 2020
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedGENImprovement05 Feb 2020


4 Translations
Cooly Skunk (EN)GraphicsTitle screen
DOOM (PT)TranslationOriginal Translation, Hacking and Graphics
Mega Man 7 (ES)HackingHacking and graphics edition
Mega Man 7 (PT)TranslationTranslation to Portuguese, Additional Hacking & Graphics

5 Hacks
Battlezone 2000 - Secret ModeHackingHacking
Samurai Shodown - Hanzo Ending FixHackingText hacking and formatting
OutRunners RestorationHacking
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedOriginal Hacking
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedOriginal HackingOriginal Hacking