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    Change title to make it easier to find. Correct a couple of misspellings in the description.
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    Changed the timer from 400 to 500, since most of the levels are quite long.
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    Current instructions regarding the rom to hack are incorrect and the resulting patched rom is broken
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9 Hacks
Class BalanceSNESImprovement24 Jun 2020
Item Shop ChangeSNESImprovement05 Jun 2020
Useful Energy BallSNESImprovement22 May 2020
Enemy Behavior/Stat/Type ChangesSNESImprovement10 Apr 2020
Useful Lunar MagicSNESImprovement08 Apr 2020
Spell Balance OverhaulSNESImprovement08 Apr 2020
Change Form - Pygmy-MoogleSNESImprovement07 Apr 2020
Dust FlareSNESImprovement07 Apr 2020
Stardust HerbSNESImprovement31 Dec 2019


9 Hacks
Class BalanceOriginal Hacking
Item Shop ChangeOriginal Hacking
Useful Energy BallOriginal Hacking
Enemy Behavior/Stat/Type ChangesOriginal Hacking
Spell Balance OverhaulOriginal Hacking
Useful Lunar MagicOriginal Hacking
Dust FlareOriginal Hacking
Change Form - Pygmy-MoogleHacking
Stardust HerbHackingGraphics programming, drop changes, shop changes