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    Titlescreen, description, date and genre updated.
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    Formatting error with Headline, it was necessary to remove the Italics bbCode. I assume that bbCode doesn't work in the entry box for Headlines, not that it matters. That was unknown to me, this being my first review entry. Also some minor touch-ups to the main review text, and placed [List] bbCode for the Luna and Dryad subsections. That hopefully improves the readability of such a lengthy text block!
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    Mana Beast now immune to all elements.
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    Fixed broken bbcode for lists in description.






1 Document
Mega Man X3 Decompression RoutineSNESMega Man X3

Bszelda 3 AST Dungeon EditorSNESBS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban
Zelda 1 Dungeon EditorNESThe Legend of Zelda

1 Translation
BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban (EN)SNESBS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

Zelda3 Parallel RemodelSNESThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Zelda3 Parallel WorldsSNESThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


1 Translation
BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban (EN)HackingFull Hacking & Translation

BS Zelda Map 2 RestorationHacking
BS Zelda: Map 1 RestorationHacking
Conker's High Rule TailHackingAssembly Hacks (Menu, HUD, HDMA effects, ending credits, debugging etc...)
Zelda3 Parallel RemodelOriginal HackingInitial supervisor, initial dungeon design, ASM
Zelda3 Parallel WorldsOriginal HackingSupervisor, dungeon design, ASM