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4 Utilities
Goldeneye Setup EditorN64Game Specific19 Oct 2018
PD ROM EditorN64Game Specific07 Jan 2005
GE ROM Image EditorN64Game Specific08 Dec 2004
Rareware Compressor/DecompressorN64Miscellaneous08 Apr 2004

2 Hacks
G5 BuildingN64Complete28 Apr 2007
Tetris Multiplayer MapN64Complete26 Apr 2007


4 Translations
Conker's Bad Fur Day (FR)Hacking
Sin and Punishment (ES)Original WorkAdditional tools (N64 Sound Tool), additional help
GoldenEye 007 (ES)ProductionGoldenEye hacking tools programmer
Star Wars Episode I: Racer (ES)HackingTools - N64 Sound Tool used for inyecting the dub

4 Hacks
Super Smash Bros. Sonic 2 ModOriginal HackingFor creating the Goldeneye Setup Editor UI
Super Smash Bros. Sonic ModHackingFor creating the Goldeneye Setup Editor UI
G5 BuildingHacking
Tetris Multiplayer MapHacking