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Author Topic: ROM Hacks: Yuan Shao's Revenge (Destiny of an Emperor Mod)  (Read 5896 times)


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ROM Hacks: Yuan Shao's Revenge (Destiny of an Emperor Mod)
« on: August 24, 2012, 10:22:14 am »

Update By: MiDKnighT

Yuan Shao's Revenge (Destiny of an Emperor mod) now on!  

The setting takes place between the Yellow Turban rebellion and the timeframe of the Cao Cao vs Yuan Shao war (200 AD).   Play as Yuan Shao and lead your army to victory!

RHDN Project Page

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Re: ROM Hacks: Yuan Shao\'s Revenge (Destiny of an Emperor Mod)
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2012, 10:28:36 am »
For those that have already downloaded before 8/25/2012 please re-download.  The first IPS patch was built incorrectly (portraits and sprites were broken).  Sorry about that!

More info:

Use an emulator that supports 512k ROMs!  I know FCE Ultra 2.0 works. To download FCE Ultra:

2011 DoaE Huo Hu Awards for Yuan Shao's Revenge from

DOAE Best Portraits
DOAE ROM of the Year Runner Up
DOAE Best Story line/Text Modifications Runner Up
DOAE Best Battle System / Tactic Modifications Runner Up


- Enhancements included:

- Iron Ore / Treasure Chest Bug Fix
- Many new character portraits
- Many new character sprites
- Map changes
- 8 tactics
- Agility on status page
- Critical hit formula changes (subtle increase in number of critical hits)
- Agility Based Multi-attacks
- Modified soldier bars to support more troops
- 25 soldier gain level up patterns
- Modified TP gains at level-up
- Change food usage (subtle decrease in amount of food used)
- DoaE2 like damage
- New Chapters
- "Life" and "Raise" tactics
- Tactic slots and order changed to support 8 tactics, life, and raise.
- Smoke pot lasts twice as long
- DOAE Artificial Intelligence Enhancements
- "Duel" Tactic (replaces Shui Jian)
- "Charge" Tactic (replaces Cheng Nei)
- "Protect" Tactic (combines Wuo Jian, Shui Jian, and Cheng Nei)
- Enhanced "An Sha" tactic
- Level/soldier based damage for tactics
- Guard tactic only defends against physical attacks
- "Defend" halves physical and tactic damage and gains TP
- There is no tactician. Each officer uses their own tactics.

- Some weapon and armor name changes.  The final swords have some "ROTK (Romance of the Three Kingdoms)" type names. 

- Some cities changed to better represent Yuan Shao's story.  Example: Xu Zhou is now "Ye".  Zhang Jue, Dong Zhuo, and Yuan Shu are the *only* final bosses that are the same as the original DoaE.  After that it's all different.

- Almost every general has a unique portrait.  Many new sprites include as well.

- When invading Cao Cao's land, there is a re-creation of the battle of Guandu.  Same enemy generals, etc...  That is the turning point in the war...if you lose you re-create history, if you win...

- Battles somewhat re-created:

Mixed with some historical and fictional stuff to keep the story going.

- Difficulty is higher than the original DoaE but not impossible.

- Yuan Shao sits on the fancy chair with his sprite instead of Liu Bei's.

- Yan Liang and Wen Chou no longer leave your party and are billetable (they are in the Guan Yu and Zhang Fei roles)

- Most generals have soldier growths. You may have some tough party decisions.

- Some game events have been changed so if you're a DoaE vet there may be some minor surprises.


- This was the very first DOAE MOD to change the map (done by hand before DoaEditor could edit the map - ouch).

- First DOAE mod to use additional portraits and sprites in an expanded ROM. 

- First DOAE mod to use brand new DoaE tactics (Life and Raise)

- First DOAE mod to make the Guan Yu and Zhang Fei characters billetable.

- First DOAE mod to use a new chapter (Liu Bei's Wu part 2 chapter). 

- First DOAE mod to kick Liu Bei's sprite out of his chair.

- First DOAE mod to use all IPS patch enhancements.

- First DOAE mod to manipulate some traditional DoaE events (you'll have to play to find out what they are).

- First DOAE mod to have additional artificial intelligence in the bad guys.

- First DOAE mod to use the new tactics Protect, Charge, and Duel.

Tactic Names for the Yuan Shao mod:

Fire Tactics:

Flame (targets one enemy)
Blaze (targets all enemies)
Powder (targets one enemy)

Water Tactics:

Flood (targets all enemies)
Torrent (targets one enemy)
Tsunami (targets all enemies)

Arrow (Agility Based) Tactics:

Arrows (targets all enemies)
X-Bows (targets all enemies)

Strength Based Tactics:

Boulder (targets one enemy)
Catapult (targets one enemy)
Ambush (targets one enemy)
Charge (critical hit)

Heal Tactics:

Heal (targets one ally)
Salve (stronger heal that targets one ally)
Recover (targets all allies)
Revive (targets one ally)
Miracle (targets all allies)

Life (revives one ally with "Salve")
Raise (revives one ally with "Revive")

Defensive Tactics:

Protect - Cut damage for fire and water tactics, also adds Cheng Nei status
Guard - Cuts physical damage in half
Evade - Avoids physical damage
Thwart - Avoids tactic damage
Negate - Counter enemy strategies

* Protect and Guard are mutually exclusive. Only one is active at a time. Protect or Guard will fail if Evade or Thwart is active.
** Evade and Thwart are mutually exclusive. Only one is active at a time.

Support Tactics:

Haste - Increase agility for one ally
Rally - Boost attack power for all allies

Offensive Non-Damage Tactics:

Duel - Challenge opposing officer to a duel (STR based)
Remove - Remove an enemy from battle (INT based)
Doubt - Stop one enemy from moving
Mislead - Make an enemy attack their allies

Pics (some old, some newer)

Liu Bei is finally kicked out of his chair:

Mountain climbing...

New portraits and sprites!  And the "Duel" tactic!

8 tactics:

Who is this?

Getting Iron Ore is a bit harder now...

What has Xu Shu done with the rock maze?

Where are we?  (this is a pic of the very first map change in a DoaE ROM done via hex):

Special thanks to ludmeister and Meteorstrike for the hacking help and various members of the and messages boards for testing and advice.  Also big thanks to Niahak for making "Destiny of an Editor" without which this wouldn't have been possible. 

August 24, 2012, 04:58:46 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
For those that have already downloaded please re-download.  The first IPS patch was built incorrectly (portraits and sprites were broken).  Sorry about that!
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