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Author Topic: Translations: Ys II Complete English Patch has been updated to v1.02  (Read 3251 times)


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Update By: Special T

NightWolve has released an update to his Ys II complete patch. Lots of great improvements, read below for the details.

Version 1.02 (01/05/2007):
  • 1-2 minor script corrections
  • Removed the last vestiges of "YS ETERNAL" in favor of "YS COMPLETE" for the title screen and ending,
  • If you bought the new Ys I&II Complete bundle from Falcom recently and received a "Version is unknown... This patch cannot help you..." error message preventing you from patching, that has now been fixed.
  • Added version checking. The patcher will check the server for newer versions and prompt you to download if present.
  • Added a RTF ReadMe file that's viewable within the patcher pre-installation.
  • Removed all references to the now defunct RIGG/"Retro ISO Gaming Guild" in the game's ending and in the ReadMe.
  • Recompiled installation script with the latest NSIS 2.22 version.

RHDN Ys I Patch Page

RHDN Ys II Patch Page

(Link removed. The author does not wish for RHDN to link to him.)
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