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Author Topic: Translations: SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 3 - Eiyuu Senki is now fully playable in English!  (Read 1790 times)


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Update By: XianJip

Here is an announcement for SD Gundam - Gachapon Senshi 3 - Eiyuu Senki. This is the 3rd installment of the SD Gundam series on the NES which is now fully playable in English! Now you can choose from the 4 different campaigns of the SD Gundam world without the language barriers to keep you from playing this game. Enjoy the translation! Also part 4 will be the next one released as the current progress is halfway done at the moment.

RHDN Project Page

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Exciting news.
Now you're playing in... three dimensions.


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Great achievement! :thumbsup: