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Author Topic: Translations: Honoo No Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei 2 English Translation Released  (Read 5418 times)


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Update By: saito

The Dodge Danpei NES saga is now completed with this translation.
This second game is even more RPG-like than the first game, and has a great story mode where you can battle non-selectable teams.

I included in the distribution package an auto IPS file and an UPS file, so everybody can choose their own patching method. For further information read the “Readme.txt” file within the pack. Thanks and enjoy this translation.

RHDN Honoo No Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei 2 Page

Relevant Link: (


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Nice, I really enjoyed the first translation so I know I'll enjoy this translation. Thanks for the release...  :cookie:


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 :) Saito thanks for translating the second part of this game and Iam also awaiting the rent a hero translation you have been working on.


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Thanks, I like the first game. an hope the sequel is better.